Step 9: Other variations

Once you have the hang of the basic bracelet/collar, you can add another layer of cobra stitches overlapping the first set of knots, called a king cobra stitch/doubled Solomon bar/doubled Portuguese sinnet. The amount of cord used for a king cobra is about twice as much as for the regular stitch. Both the 1/16" and 3/32" sizes work well for the bracelets and can be used alone or combined with paracord.

Glow-in-the-dark paracord is available now, found from various online vendors and on ebay, but I've not used any myself, so I couldn't say if it's any good or not, or how long it glows.

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cpowell171 year ago
I want to make a dog collar for our large breed dogs...90# yellow lab & rottweiler mix. Will the burnt end hold for large dogs or is there a different technique to use for them??

Thanks for the help :~)
It might be a good idea to melt the two ends together. Using tweezers, forceps, or pliers... Burn the ends, and while still hot and soft press together and flat...
Stormdrane (author)  cpowell171 year ago
You can pull/tuck the end strands back into a bracelet or collar, using a lacing needle or a pair of hemostats. Work the end strands alongside the core strands, under a few knots, then trim and tuck to finish. 

Tucking and hiding the end strands can be done with many different variations of knot projects, as an alternative to melting, gluing, or sewing to secure and finish.  ;)
cpowell171 year ago
Thanks, Stormdrane :~) I appreciate your help!!
MrsHill2 years ago
Very good instructions!! So easy to follow. I made one for me and a matching one for my 2yo daughter in about 30 minutes. Thanks!!
rockrat3 years ago
Hi, thanks for this.
One question nobody has asked... If the ends are melted into the surrounding cord , what strength (or loss of) impact will it have on the Cord when uncalled, and also hw do you unravell it. I want t make one as a spare cord to carry that will actually get used in backpacking etc
Stormdrane (author)  rockrat3 years ago
When I melt the cord end, I spread the melted part over the surrounding cord, without also melting that cord too.  Using the flat side of a screwdriver, knife blade, or side of  the lighter, instead of your fingers, can help prevent getting burned by hot melted cord.

A butane torch lighter helps with making a precise melt of the cord end, without damaging the surrounding cord.

The melted part can be pried/pulled apart from the underlying cord, after it's cooled/hardened, when you want to take the bracelet apart.

Alternatively you can use hemostats to tuck/pull the end strands under the last couple of knots on each side of the bracelet and trimmed to finish, and avoid melting issues all together.

Sewing the ends in place also works, but requires carefully cutting the thread between the cords, with a knife/scissors/razor blade, when you want to disassemble the bracelet.

Super glue hardens the cord, so is not recommended if you're planning on taking the bracelet apart.  Rubber cement works if carefully applied, and after drying it can be peeled off of the cord.
Hey love this it helped me make my first one. I am attempting a second on but with 2 colors. on a 5/8ths buckle I believe. It looks like it was shown in other variations. I am having trouble making one do you have a tutorial for them.
Can you help me?
Thank you so much!!
i8ntrt3 years ago
I've been thinking of trying one of these for a while now. When I saw at the end you mentioned Glow in the dark para chord I was hooked. I have loved all thing Glow in the dark since I was a kid. Had my supplies ordered within 15 mins. Ordered the 3/32 glow with 3/8th buckle
wilsonmpa3 years ago
where did you get the medical ID charm? i would love to make my husband one of these!!
Stormdrane (author)  wilsonmpa3 years ago
I believe I bought that one at a Kroger grocery store in the pharmacy section.
Hi , just a question , on the King Cobra bracelet , do you start it like a normal bracelet , but over the finished part ? just wanting to know because would like to try it =)
Stormdrane (author)  Countrygirl273 years ago
The king cobra/doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet can be tied in more than one way, but the simplest is to use a single strand, tying it like the normal bracelet, and when you reach the point where you would trim and melt/sew/glue/tuck the ends to finish the normal bracelet, you instead continue the same knotting process back over the bracelet towards the starting end.

Of course you would have doubled the starting amount of paracord to be able to do this with a single strand when starting. You could use a different color for the second layer, having two colors for the start(as seen in examples), or two colors for the second layer, etc....
Okay thank you for getting back to me , I will have to try it out when I find some paracord , hopefully I'll be able to find some in town . Thanks again =)
Stormdrane (author)  Countrygirl273 years ago
Check local Army/Navy surplus stores, or outdoor stores like REI and Bass Pro Shops. ;)
Texasknight3 years ago
How do you attach the skulls and the medical id tag?
Stormdrane (author)  Texasknight3 years ago
There are different methods to add them, like sewing them in place, running the cord through the skulls or tag rings as you tie the bracelet, where you want them placed, etc...  I've used multiple methods, so there's not just one way that works, you choose which works best for the items you have to work with.
txbywayofms3 years ago
how do you finish/hide the knots at the end when you finish overlapping the first set of knots?
Stormdrane (author)  txbywayofms3 years ago
You can either sew, melt, or glue the ends, after you trim them right at the last knot, or use hemostats to push/pull the end strands under a couple of knots on the inside of the bracelet, then trim the excess to finish.
thanks for the quick reply. I also liked your youtube video with the slip-on paracord bracelet. Look forward to doing both.
black hole3 years ago
I'm having a little trouble making the "king cobra" bracelet. How much longer should the center strands be, compared to the standard cobra?
Stormdrane (author)  black hole3 years ago
When I make a king cobra/doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet type bracelet, I usually double the total amount of paracord that I use for a regular bracelet. The bracelet will be thicker, so I add about 1" to 1.5" to my wrist measurement for a comfortable fit, but you will have to try it yourself to see exactly where yours fits best.
Okay, thanks. I'll try that.
lknowles3 years ago
Just made my first one...love it! Thanks so much!!!!
Swairlines3 years ago
This variation is such a killer braid.....Anyone have the step by step instructions for it?
csteelmon4 years ago
I made one for my husband and one for my self, we love them...
SIRJAMES094 years ago
this is just too cool!! I read your other instructable on the watch band/bracelet...
not sure which one is better, this one or that one...They both are well written, very informative, very educational, & last but not least, I enjoy reading them both immensely!!

TY for sharing!!
monkey68805 years ago
Hi everyone, where do you the buckle? Thanks.
Craft/sewing stores have them for under a dollar. At least they used to be under a buck. Good luck!

I got my first buckle from a Wal-Mart dog collar which cost about $3.50. I just discovered that REI sells a 5/8" curved buckle in their backpacking section for only $0.75. I just finished making a bracelet using it and it works fine although it is slightly more difficult to latch than the dog collar buckle.
thank you for your info.
ixonstater5 years ago
i wsa aslo bron yesturdey.
All things considered, you type ok for a one day old.
rachel8 years ago
Wow, these are really beautiful.
i is playing teh hramonica and mkaing a brachlet at teh saem tmie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I ever find a clip ill make the one in pic 5.
TweakGeek15 years ago
Can you give a little more info on the king cobra stitch?  Particularly, if using 8' of cord for the bracelet, about how much cord will be used for the king cobra?  Also, what is the best way to tie in the king cobra to the original bracelet?  Do you set this up before hand or can you just add it to any bracelet you already have done?

Awesome instructions!  I've already made two and have supplies on the way to make some for my boys and more planned for me!
Stormdrane (author)  TweakGeek15 years ago
I usually double the amount of cord used for a king cobra/doubled Solomon bar bracelet.  That would be with a two strand core.  Some people run the cord back and forth between the buckle ends for a four or six strand core before knotting over it, for that much more cordage packed into a bracelet.  You'd have to add that much more to the total starting amount, and realize that it also adds bulk to the finished bracelet...

There are really too many possible variables for a fixed amount of cord needed for a bracelet, so you have to consistently make bracelets the same way over time to be able to narrow down how much you actually use.  How tight or loose the knots are made, how close or far apart they're spaced, the actual cord diameter can vary slightly by batch of paracord, etc...  That's why some buy cord by the spool instead of 50' or 100' foot hanks.

If using one color for the bracelet, a long continuous cord can be used, if making two colors, the lengths can be attached at the middle and the bracelet tied from there, or one color can be used for the main bracelet, then a separate cord used to knot over that bracelet.

They can be done with two, three, even four or more colors, again with experimenting, variables will come into play.  There are links to photos somewhere in the comments, showing how to add a separate color cord for the king cobra/doubled Solomon bar...
 Where can I find those skull beads?
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