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I've always wondered how can i attach the dog tag on the collar, so that do not jingle all the time. Here is my little solution to it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


>> paracord (about 2 ft.)
>> dog tag


>> scissors
>> paracord needle
>> lighter

Step 2: The Lanyard Knot

At first we make a lanyard knot. A description of this can be found very quickly in the internet.

The lanyard knot

Step 3: The First Strand

Аt first we bring one end of the cord out.

Step 4: Knotting

We follow the bottom strand on the knot (on the right side) all the way and finally going thru the middle.

Step 5: Making a Loop

We start from the top with the second strand and form a loop. Then we follow another strand (on the left side) all the way. Finally we go under four strands thru the middle.

This technique i learned from Paracordist Creations LLC of
Here you can find his YouTube video:

Paracordist how to tie a lanyard knot, doubled with loops as on my side by side ranger beads

Step 6: Cut and Burn

Cut the cord ends off and shape the knot.

Step 7: The Finished Product



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    Congrats on being a finalist AJ! Mind telling me what type of weave you made the collar out of?

    Thank you Trans4mation, i congratulate you too! The type of weave is "fishtail".

    Awesome!! Already voted!


    I'd love instructions for the collar as well :)

    great idea! i love it! you should enter this in the paracord contest! :) i'd vote

    Thank you for your feedback and your vote ;-) Yesterday i am already entered to this contest.

    Fellow Detmolder Here! greetings!