Step 6:

At this step you have  few options to end the monkey fist, you can make a simple knot, snake knot, diamond knot or any other finishing method, you can find guide for Diamond knot and more at my blog: 

Congratulations on your first monkey fist.

Steps For Diamond Knot:
1. Create the diamond knot (see guide image).
2. Before tightening the knot slide in the 2 end cords. (see marked image).
3. Cut the 2 end cords close to the knot.
4. Lighter, water to dip your finger in (when fusing), pointy object to push warm cord into the knot.
Start by fusing together the 2 end cords, try doing it neat and carefully to get nice finishing. When both ends are fused warm them with the lighter and push them in the knot. Now you can attach a ring to it (or before) and pull the ring and the bottom 2 cords to get the final tightening.


<p>I know I'm coming to the party a little late, but I wanted to post my rendition. I'm still a bit perplexed how to hide the ends... so I just made it part of the design. </p><p>Thanks for posting all the good info, it was helpful. </p>
<p>Awesome! :)</p>
That is awesome!! Great idea, my daughter wants one like yours. Thank you!
<p>I made it and it is awesome</p>
where do u get paracord at
<p>paracord galaxy or paracord planet</p>
<p>Walmart, auto section, and or the arts and crafts section to.</p>
<p>walmart has 18' pieces for 2 bucks and 50' for under 10</p><p>also good prices on ebay. i recently bought 100&quot; neon pink for 9.00 for breast cancer awareness paracord bracelets</p>
in the us, hobby lobby or other craft store, bot you can find 550 on the Web for better quality and cheaper.
<p>Made x2 with little marbles and a small cobra weave handle turned out cool looking,badly want to do the golf ball ones but tried weaving 6pass fist by hand seriously its to difficult,make a monkeys fist jig next on my to make list.</p>
<p>Tried a few other tutorials - this one was the best. Here's my end result. Used a small bouncy ball for the core and 3' of leftover paracord without the core in it. </p>
nicely written. was easy to understand and follow.
خیلی زیبا بود ممنون از آموزش خوبت
<p>great tutorial</p>
I keep messing up the whole knot because I cannot figure where the loose end here goes, the one which is now topmost on vertical axis. The next picture is a bit obscure since we cannot see how it turns &quot;inside&quot; the knot - which way it comes out?
<p>It's simple, I use something to mark the end that goes on the inside so I can tell where it is while tighteneing. On black paracord, I use a spot of liquid electrical tape of a different color. </p>
This is really cool. I made mine without a marble or a center and it came out perfect!
<p>It comes out just fine BUT it comes out the size of a pea. </p>
hmmm... never tried it with out a core<br>
I wonder if it is possible to make a bolas out of this.
<p>Of course you can. Just make another with a marble then a third with something of lighter weight to make it wrap around the target. </p>
if you do I would like to see an ible on it.
thank you for your time.
Monkey Fist in action: Check out the movie Inception when the Eames character is skiing away from the badguys towards the end of the movie. There is about a one second shot where Eames throws a rope weighted at the end with a monkey fist and catches it between the branches of a tree thereby creating a taut line that the bad guys ski into. It could totally happen. <br> <br>And btw, I always make my Monkey Fists without a core.
<p>Do you have a tutorial on how to do a paracord monkey fist without a core? I'd love to try it! </p>
<p>It is done in the exact same way as you see here except, you will tighten it up a bit more to compensate for the lack of a solid core. Using thicker cord will work better when not including a core simply because the thickness of the cord will somewhat compensate for the empty center space.</p>
First of all: EPIC MOVIE<br>Second of All: I think they look different when they don't have a core... Idk
Use a golf ball with 550 paracord. Takes about 9 to 10 wraps.
<p>I got a lot of paracord in a surplus store and it was 550. If someone is in Edmonton try Staff Sergents in the West Edomonton Mall. Craft store have 325 and Michaels is now getting 550 cord.</p>
can I use yarn for this? instead of paracord :)
you can, but it will require at least: double materials and ALOT more patience :) Good Luck!
The wood plan is brilliant! If you don't have wood, with a little ingenuity ( which I'm sure you have ) you can use the same plans on other mat. such as plastic or even duct tape :)
<p>I completed my best monkey fist knot yesterday using quarter-inch poly-fill rope (the cheap crap with the blue paper core) with a sand filled tennis ball in the knot. It turned out to be a little over half a meter long. When testing it, I smashed it against a two liter bottle of water, unopened, and it compressed the bottle so quickly that the cap split in two.</p><p>Thanks for the awesome tutorial! :D</p>
Did not get it
will 3.7 feet work? <br>
&quot;For this project you will need 4-5 feet of paracord&quot; <br> <br>It will work but you will have nothing left on the loose end to attach the fist to anything else.
love it.....try,,,,,,,,
If the ball or marble shows through after tightening, do I need to make the wraps 4 strands instead of two ? Sounds logical, yes
There is a video on you tube that tells you a very helpful piece of advice, heres the URL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95RKTxIHFY I think you will recognize what you are doing wrong when he mentions it. <br> <br> <br>watch the whole vid. athough two wraps may not be enough :/
Oops, forgot to ask, what is the size of the boards, how far apart are the nails, what size nails, just so I can obtain some accuracy! Thanks again!
I made a monkey fist before and i don't think it really matters how far apart they are.
it is like the same way they used to make volleyballs, sort of...
Does anyone know how to adapt one of these for a cub scout neckerchief slide? I would assume you add a short tube in the middle.
Very nice!
What size paracord did you use for the demostration pictures?
Thanks for your guide... I used the Hot Glue gun to stick the rope not to scatter apart
The monkey fist is my favorite knot &amp; the easiest I've ever done! I've NEVER been able to tie knots-my dad taught knot tying, my 3 boys are in Boy Scouts, I was a Cub Scout Leader. I've had people try to teach me over &amp; over. I don't know if it's being left-handed or if my brain just isn't wired right, but if I could even make heads or tails out of what they were showing me, I coudn't remember long enough to do it a 2nd time. I always loved the look of the monkey fist &amp; was thoroughly intimidated to even try it for years, since I can barely get past a square knot. Then I saw an instructable &amp; thought I'd give it a try. Imagine my surprise &amp; delight when within an hour. I had completed my 1st monkey fist just by looking at the photo &amp; instructions over &amp; over! My next one went even faster &amp; by the time I made the 3rd one I didn't even need instructions to follow!WOW! My favorite is the stretch paracord(?) I got at the surplus store, because it's very forgiving &amp; you can stretch it as tight as you need but go back &amp; loosen it if you need to. Instead of a marbe in the center, I bought a bag of jingle bells at the craft store &amp; I use a pair of pliers to crimp the metal hanger loop down to make it round. I made about 2 doz. jingle monkey fists for my boys to take to Trapper's Rendevous in Kansas to trade. I also used them as pulls on my ceiling fan (see photo) &amp; made some for my nephew to play with - but I never knew how to end them neatly. <br>I love this instructable, especially the cool way to end the knots &amp; the contraption you built to make them! I can't wait to try some of these! Thanks!
<b><font color="blue">I am very happy you liked my Ible. Well done with your monkey fist.<br> When I learned how to make the monkey fist knot I looked at many web sites and didn&rsquo;t really find a good guide. That is why I tried to make a very clear and easy to follow steps.<br> Thanks again for your kind comment.<br> You get&nbsp; Monkey Fist MASTER Patch from me.</font></b>
Thank you, my 1st patch! <br>

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