Step 6:

At this step you have  few options to end the monkey fist, you can make a simple knot, snake knot, diamond knot or any other finishing method, you can find guide for Diamond knot and more at my blog: 

Congratulations on your first monkey fist.

Steps For Diamond Knot:
1. Create the diamond knot (see guide image).
2. Before tightening the knot slide in the 2 end cords. (see marked image).
3. Cut the 2 end cords close to the knot.
4. Lighter, water to dip your finger in (when fusing), pointy object to push warm cord into the knot.
Start by fusing together the 2 end cords, try doing it neat and carefully to get nice finishing. When both ends are fused warm them with the lighter and push them in the knot. Now you can attach a ring to it (or before) and pull the ring and the bottom 2 cords to get the final tightening.


triumphman4 years ago
If the ball or marble shows through after tightening, do I need to make the wraps 4 strands instead of two ? Sounds logical, yes
There is a video on you tube that tells you a very helpful piece of advice, heres the URL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95RKTxIHFY I think you will recognize what you are doing wrong when he mentions it.

watch the whole vid. athough two wraps may not be enough :/
Plo Koon4 years ago
I don't have any stupid paracord!! ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!
I would love to share your project and website with my Natural Crafts hand make group. Thanks for such great detail. I rate this one with a high grade.