Getting tired of crocheting plain ol' yarn? Ever try crocheting paracord?! Also known to provide phenomenal parachute- grade safety, this magical chord has made its second coming on many a wrist as a crafty and colorful bracelet. But let's raise the bar of this multifaceted woven-nylon thread. Let's make trivets! (the protective layer between a hot dish and a table's surface)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Can It Handle the Heat? or Should It to Get Out of the Kitchen?

Paracord is made of 100% nylon, which made me concerned for how well it would actually be able to handle hot pans and dishes.

It turns out it can handle heat pretty well! I heated a skillet for 15 minutes on 450' in the oven and placed it directly on my trivet. In no way was my trivet damaged!

Kuddos paracord! Another way in which you're amazing!
Could this have a second use like a protective Kevlar type padding??
Such pretty pink! And I love the gray-tone, black one! Wonderful use of paracord :)

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