This tutorial will show how to make a paracord watchband with a side release buckle using the alternate half-hitch. It can also be made without a watch for use as a paracord bracelet, or on a larger scale as a dog or cat collar. More projects, links, knot references can be seen on my blog page, Stormdrane's Blog.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Supplies needed: 10 feet of paracord, scissors, torch lighter, tape measure, a watch with the watchand pins, and a 5/8 inch side release buckle. The 5/8 inch curved buckles can be found at Creative Designworks or ITW Nexus brand ones on ebay, either will work fine. I use paracord with the 7 inner strands from the Supply Captain, but other similar types/diameter of cord will work as well.
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kamalk624 days ago

wanna try this on my old skull watch

rodgeratkin5 months ago

didn't like the finish at the end so have modofied it by starting off with step 3 picture one and not taking the two turns around the buckle. When finishing run the ends from the back through the buckle to make 4 cords and bring down under the cord which goes across, then tuck them down through the bracelet, cut off and finish with a small soldering iron or a hot craft tool used for cutting plastic or leather. It is much easier and neater to handle

joyce.hicksmattingly made it!7 months ago

i made a breast cancer awareness paracord watch/ bracelet.

dewanm8 months ago

thanks a lot i will try it definately

With a little effort and improvisation, I made a watch strap using a common cord.

Thanks Master, greetings from Romania.

christinacovert made it!1 year ago

I made one with a watch in a pink came. Love this tut. thanks.

Cbear041 year ago

I Like it Very Much Good Job

the bull4 years ago
are the buckles pretty strong, how hard are they too break. i would like to see and use the d-ring shackle . has anyone used these.

d-ring shackle.jpg
I think the watch pins will break or pop out before the plastic buckle breaks.

true I had my brother's almost break

The plastic buckles are strong enough for most applications. Keep in mind that you don't want something attached to your wrist that is stronger than your wrist itself: if it gets pulled it with enough strenght to break a plastic buckle you will always want the buckle to break first rather than your skin and flesh. That will not happen with a steel shackle.
I have bought buckles and d-ring shackles from the supply captain and they are great.Very strong,Friend them on facebook,they have great sales around all the holidays,
i have used the shackles, no complaints, the buckles would probabley break if you fell on them. plus you can get the shackles at home depot.
your not going to break that shackle.........
i dont use the d-ring shackle but the buckles are pretty good
thanks , i have 2 watches think i will try both,
Stormdrane (author)  the bull4 years ago
The plastic buckles hold up well, I've never had one break on me, but being plastic, they will eventually break if enough force/stress is applied to them. Some folks like to use the bow/D shackles for paracord bracelets, but they are more expensive, heavier, and harder to get on/off than using a side release buckle, it's just a personal preference to use them or not.
jgavales1 year ago
#550? or #425?
Stormdrane (author)  jgavales1 year ago
I used 550 paracord for this project, but you can use various sizes/types of cord you want when tying a project. ;)
I am really excited to try this out, but I need a watch that has enough room between the pins and the watch body. I bought one watch and even after Dremeling away a little bit of plastic molding, there is no way that I can get 1 let alone 4 strands of 550 between the pins and the body. Do you think that this watch will work?


This is the one I bought that didn't work out.

you don't have to use 4 strands,just 2. It will hold less paracord, but if u can just attach the paracord to the pin and the buckle without putting it under the watch. Then u can use a 1/2 in. buckle. Also , try to take the pins out to get the paracord in. Hope this helps
you don't have to use 4 strands,just 2. It will hold less paracord, but if u can just attach the paracord to the pin and the buckle without putting it under the watch. Then u can use a 1/2 in. buckle. Also , try to take the pins out to get the paracord in. Hope this helps
Stormdrane (author)  southpaw07272 years ago
You can't really tell from photos if paracord will fit, even when they do give the watch dimensions. Paracord can vary slightly in size, from one manufacturer to another, so where one might fit, another may not.

If possible, look for the watch you like at a brick/mortar store, where you can handle it and get a good look at it before buying one just for a paracord poject. ;)
Rambo5562 years ago
Great 'ible! This is the easiest paracord bracelet i've seen. 5 stars. :)
Vincent VD2 years ago
Very nice post! I get a lot of compliments on my watch!!
Thank you :)
aesquivel2 years ago
I have a question: the 10ft of paracord are for a 8" bracelet like the one pictured, right? So if I want to make a 7" bracelet should I just do the proportion (10ft x 7"/8" = 8.75ft)?
Stormdrane (author)  aesquivel2 years ago
There are many variables with making paracord bracelets that affect how much cord is needed/used. Paracord can vary from one source to another in diameter/thickness, some feeling more solid/round and others flatten out, as well as how tight or loose any particular knotting pattern is tied by each person.  So I recommend using more that you think you'll need so that you don't come up short on a project. 

If making many of the same type projects, you can narrow down the exact amount of cord needed, based on your own tying style and supplies used.

Leftover bits of paracord can be used for short fobs and zipper pulls, so they don't have to go to waste.  Lengths of just a few inches can be tied with a lanyard knot, wall knot, Matthew Walker knot, snake knots, etc. and shorter pieces can be used with cord tips/ends... ;)

Thank you for those wonderful instructions, made my first bracelet with them. ^^
lazydave543 years ago
I was really lucky in that my size estimations and knot tightness produced a perfect fit the first time! I doubt I'll be able to pull that off again, as I plan to use this great tutorial to produce more watch bands and bracelets. Do you know of a source for medic alert tags that can be purchased without having to buy whatever bracelet they come on? Thanks again for posting this!
Stormdrane (author)  lazydave543 years ago
I just did a quick google search for 'medic alert tag' for one example that sells the tag alone, there are certainly others. ;)
Grnguy13 years ago
This is great kid friendlly project. All sorts of items come to mind, watch bands, ID bracelets, pet collars etc. thanks for sharing

jamesjames13 years ago
wanted to say thanks for this, i spend alot of time away from everything, and this is the first instuctable i ran across and i have to say you nailed it,

its well done and very easy to understand i made one for my step father he loved it
so thanks
waykno3 years ago
A cloth measuring tape.
JohannDB3 years ago
I like the idea of ths instructable. I would like to make it out of two different colors. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Stormdrane (author)  JohannDB3 years ago
Sew, melt, or glue two colors together and follow the instructions from there. For example, if you use 10 ft of cord for a one color bracelet, you would use two 5 ft lengths attached for the two color version.
What type of measurements to take for different sizes?
Stormdrane (author)  Lou_453 years ago
The measurements for two colors are done the same way as for a single color, just attach the two colors and then treat the length of cord just like you would a single color strand.
Thank you for the tip. I'll give it a shot tonight while watching Monday Night Football.
is it possible to make is 2 colors? and by the way nice instruct
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