Step 9: You can make the alternate half-hitch without the watch

Picture of You can make the alternate half-hitch without the watch
You can make the alternate half-hitch without the watch for use as a paracord bracelet, and on a larger scale as a dog or cat collar. You may also use two colors of paracord. If using two colors, instead of one 10 foot piece of paracord, use 5 feet of each color and melt or sew the two ends together and go from there.
joyce.hicksmattingly made it!7 months ago

i made a breast cancer awareness paracord watch/ bracelet.

Grnguy13 years ago
This is great kid friendlly project. All sorts of items come to mind, watch bands, ID bracelets, pet collars etc. thanks for sharing

This was awesome! I wanted to get my boyfriend a paracord watch for Christmas and hated all the ones I ordered... after I made this, I can say that he will (hopefully!) LOVE his Christmas present! It looks great! Thanks for the great instructions! Took less than an hour on the "real one"... made a mini version as a prototype with only took 1/2 hour or so! :)
julin-14 years ago
Took a little over an hour because of trial and error on sizing and how to do the back of the watch. Great Instructable!
Tizaro4 years ago
just made this
didnt have a connecter bit
so i used a key ring
turned out alright, little big though, but otherwise i wouldnt be able to get it on
Darthscout4 years ago
Where do you get you watch faces???
Stormdrane (author)  Darthscout4 years ago
You use an old watch that you already have or buy a new one and remove the band to add a paracord version. The particular model watch I used was purchased over 10 years ago, so it may not be available anymore, but you can always search around ebay, amazon, etc...