Introduction: Paracord Water Bottle Holder

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We all go camping every now and then and we always need a water bottle. But it gets annoying carrying around big water bottles . so I decided I was going to make a paracord bottle holder.

Step 1: Items

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2 strands of 1 1/2 ft. paracord , carabiner, lighter, knife, water bottle

Step 2: Starting

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Tie the paracord to the bottle and begin a four strand round braid, then tie it off on a carabiner. Then cut off the excess and burn the tips. When you tie the holder around the bottle make sure it's pretty tight. And remember when tou are done with this bottle ,just take off the holder and put it on another.

Step 3: Finished

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Make sure you comment any ideas our questions below :-) .


tomatoskins (author)2015-04-07

I'm working on a paracord project right now. Thanks for sharing!

the seabass (author)tomatoskins2015-04-08

Nice :-) You should share a photo so I can see how it turned out.

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