I purchased some glow in the dark paracord and thought it would be cool to wrap a flashlight with it. There has been plenty of times I haven't been able to find my torch in the middle of the night while camping, etc. Hopefully-this will help me find it when I need it.

The wrap used is spiral hitching. A great video on spiral hitching by TIAT can be found HERE .

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and materials needed:

1 AA LED Maglight
2. 7 feet of glow in the dark 550 paracord (www.supplycaptain.com )
3. Scissors
4. Lighter
A lot easier than I thought. Great wrap my friend. Great instructable.
you can also add in a lanyard with this for flashlight that don't have a connector on them. just use a thinner cord like one of the strands from the 550 cord and lay it under the weave with the bend in the middle at the top of the light and use an overhand not on the ends. bazinga, you now have a lanyard too.
I like how the glow in the dark parts line up ever so perfectly! <br>Just did this to my crovel with a dark blue/green color and it looks sweet! Nice design.
what keeps the paracord from sliding off the barrel of the maglite? thoure roughness of it? i have tried something similar with bic lighters and cant ever find a way to keep the cord from slipping off.
Make the knots tight-use pliers if necessary. The maglight knurling definitely helps. Try roughing up the surface a bit to see if that helps.
Over on candlepower forums there's a couple guys selling high output glow in the dark lanyard tubes to attach to your lights, whatever. I put them on all mine and they'll glow all night long. Maglites are slippery little things though.
Interesting-Ill check it out. Ill see if I can integrate it-thanks.
Great idea!
very nice

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