Paradigm- a K'Nex Ball Machine


Introduction: Paradigm- a K'Nex Ball Machine

About: I have a YouTube channel where I do LEGO and K'Nex stuff but my instructables account is going to be pretty much just K'Nex. But still check out my YouTube channel! And I will keep posting new stuff so chec...

Hey guys, this is one of my old K'Nex ball machines that I made before I got my instructables account, so I don't have any stills or instructions, but still check out the video! Thanks!

Here is my YouTube channel:



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    Another nice machine, I like the green track ^.^

    wow 3 ball machines in one thx you we were missing ball machines xD

    and thx for subscribing

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    cool ball machine :) maybe try to expand your ibles with more info though

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    Yeah you're right I just kind of just threw this one together really quick

    OK but try for example you could add how many paths, elements, lifts, networks, what elements and lifts you used, path times, etc.