Paradox the Ultimate Lego Battlebot





Introduction: Paradox the Ultimate Lego Battlebot


THis is my battlebot named Paradox. He has faced many other lego battlebots and defeated them all.
I have made a whole series of videos for this robot.

Below is the link to his playlist of all his videos.

Video 1

video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Specs. For Paradox:

-plate armor
-6 wheels
-strong gear train
-8-10oz. hammer
-3 motors
-1 nxt
-all lego



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    Do you know the gear ratio?

    Fortunately I found the drivetrain sitting around for some reason:
    It is in the following arrangement (numbers indicate teeth count, P indicates powered, W indicates wheel attached, all are the double bevel gears(forgot what they were called))

    Or in ratios with base 12:

    It was mainly designed that way to have a large base and surface area. At the time, my robots trended towards lower to the ground, compact, and not very tall.

    Nobody commenting, but this is pretty awesome! Reminds me of Robot Wars :P

    Thanks for commenting and the reply.
    I plan on joining a robot battle comp. later in life.

    One thing I have learned from these videos is... treads = MAJORLY BAD IDEA!!!!!

    P.S. Singularity Mk II will be instrucablized soon, but the pictures may be cr**py since I have to use my webcam (my camera is out of bats, and my family goes through double-As VERY quickly), but sorry for the loooooooong wait :0

    Was Paradox autonomous or RC controlled?

    He was Rc controlled. Though i could make him automotous.

    O, cause I'm trying to make a Paradox-like battle bot, but I don't know how to RC him...

    I have now made... Singularity, battlebot 3084