Step 4:

In the photo, the left side has a red zig zaggy line. That is showing that the two switches are connected in a way. So that is why we need only a SPDT switch. Only three pins. Not four pins. The yellow boxes show where the switch solder plates are.

The two white wires are connected to the 'ON' switch. So when the switch is being pushed, it is substituting the original 'ON' switch.
The white wire on the left and the blue wire on the bottom are for the 'OFF' switch. When the switch is released or out, the new switch is substituting for the 'OFF' switch.
<p>looks hard! cool though. my budgies would more likely freak out at.</p>
I had some &quot;perruches&quot; (that's how we call them, in french),<br>They were free to go where they want in my house, but they always stayed at the same place.<br>My olders one died at age 22, really rare for parakeets(average of 6-15 depending on the diet)<br>I wish I had some light like that, so they could had played with them, they always liked to chase flashlight and laser ;-)

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