Dogs are everywhere right? People are walking them around the neighborhood all the time, at the dog park, and on vacation. one year while on vacation we FORGOT THE LEASH!!! It was a travesty, the dire situation required immediate attention (Our dog Coco is a runner, incredibly friendly and also ferocious at the same time) I had to come up with something, so naturally I went for the trusty reel of paracord I keep in my back pocket(next to the wallet)

Step 1: Paracord! Yessss!

Where to start? Well with the paracord, of course!
I went out and bought a pack that actually said it was 50' (15.24m) of braided paracord since I wasn't able to buy a smaller cut amount. I measured it, and I had quite a bit more than that, I had about 75' of it.
Looks like "British" paracord to me. It has the same breakage weight of 550lbs but doesn't have the cords inside. It only comes in one colour too - British Military Green!! No wonder I like your US paracord better!!
What's wrong with green? I mean, sure it doesn't come in every color of the rainbow, but I couldn't care less if its pink.
that doesn't look like 550 paracord
From what I've researched, its not, it doesn't have the cordage in the center and the weave is wrong.
Really though, does it matter? This is an excellent, well documented Instructable, and I applaud you for that.
Seriously, who cares? It could be done with 550 just as easily.
Yay! Thank you man. It might matter for the Paracord contest I entered this in a while ago though.
It is not 550 cord, so not It probably doesn't qualify, as paracord earns its name from being used on parachutes.<br><br>However. It is a good idea.

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