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Introduction: Parallax-A Knex Ball Machine

This is my second ball machine on instructables...Parallax! Definition for the curious:(Parallax-a term referring to a technique in astronomy used to find the distance to a star). Anyway, this machine has four paths, and some elements a bit more complicated than those in Subduction (my other Knex ball machine). Parallax uses various elements by users from around the site; I'll give credit on the path steps. Also, look for my Green Flex Path-my own invention. Enjoy!
     Video at   or below (another improvement over! Sorry if it's not the best quality...I've never made a movie before; it's better than nothing. Once again, for the curious, the music in the video is Frederic Chopin's "Etude in C minor, op. 10 no. 12 'Revolutionary'")

Step 1: The Lift

I used Tornado96's Alternating Arm Lift (1 extra module) and yardking's infinity switch for my lift and path separator. Also it has a curved yellow slide path that I came up with for tighter curves. The pictures should explain themselves...

Step 2: Path 1

Path 2 includes a classic spiral, KneXtreme's simple stair, Kariah's red ball dropper, a slightly modified martb95 halfpipe, and a basket.

Step 3: Path 2

Path 2 consists of sandrokexmaster's vertical clickers and another bit of curved yellow slide.

Step 4: Path 3

Path 3 starts with a winding descent to 8chillpill's Ball Flipper. The Flipper drops the ball onto my new pathing type (Green Flex Path, a very sturdy and versatile path) which takes the ball back towards the lift.

Step 5: Path 4

Path 4 starts with another classic spiral (a mirror-image of the one on Path 1) and then drops onto a back-and-forth descent before entering the opposite end of the halfpipe.

Step 6: That's It!

Thanks for looking at Parallax!



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    I made an almost exact copy of it! Thanks for so many views of it.


    WHOA!!! I had no idea there were enough pictures to make the whole thing. (I would have posted a lot more if I were aiming for that, haha.) Great job, methinks you are a ball machine builder. Glad you were able to make it.

    That's exactly what I am, a ball machine builder and a roller coaster builder, yes and pinball machines.

    Thanks, my golf balls won't work for it, almost as if they were too heavy. Dod you use lighter golf balls?

    No, I used regular old golf balls (some of them actually used for that purpose in the past). However, I had to tweak my machine quite a bit to get it to work right, and (then again) most ball machines are a bit temperamental.

    Thanks, I should buy those blue flexi rods and purple little flexi rods(that will probably help since I didn't have any).

    They aren't often used, but they can be pretty helpful for sharp curves and such. :D

    Meh, vid isn't available in germany :/
    And do you knwot aht you can embed vids? ;)

    Oh, and the ball machine is looking ccoooooooooooooooooooool! :D