Step 4: So Far...so Well :-)

     The previous blockage was resolved...
Now comes another problem: There are two different versions of the Atmega328 chip: Atemega328 and Atmega328P. (P means low power). AVRDUDE and Arduino IDE (also using the AVRDUDE software) are configured to work with Atmega328P. The chip, which I use is the "high power" one. Both chips have different signatures!
Arduino IDE and AVRDUDE, both report something like this: "The chip not recognized - false chip signature. For Atmega328 expected signature XX XX XX" ...
    Now the solution is the following: Using a text editor the file "averdude.conf" must be opened and edited. 
    For the Arduino IDE its place is ": \Program Files\arduino -xxxx\hardware\tools\avr\etc\" and for WinAVR its folder is :
   A serch for "m328p" is done. In the Atmega328p part definition section of the file the line :
  "signature  =  0x1E 0x95 0x0F" must be changed to "signature  =  0x1E 0x95 0x14"
<p>Looks like an interesting project, but since I don't much about Arduino it's hard to know what you're discussing. What's an AVR?</p>
Hi,<br><br>I think that if the author says everything without leaving the possibility of the reader to find some stuff by itself and to learn something new by self research will make the life not so interesting :-).<br>Now the possibilities for self education are incredible - powerful internet search engines, free and easy accessible knowledge databases...etc.. Why not to use them?<br><br>Best Regards<br>Milen<br>P.S. AVR is a family of 8-bit micro-controllers developed by the US company Atmel. <br>

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