This super easy fort will provide some fun shelter for your little ones in the summer heat; whether in the back yard or on the beach. It is basically composed of a parasol with some sheets pinned along the edge of the brim. The finished construction resembles the traditional nomadic Mongolian home called a Yurt (hence the Photoshop Yak). We first saw this fort construction method in a french-Canadian magazine for kids.

Step 1: Step 1: Items

For this fort you will only need:

1. A parasol (the beach variety will be easier to stake into the ground)
2. Some sheets, draperies or beach towels
3. 20 clothes pins
4. Rubber mallet (you can use a hammer but don't overdo it)

<p>Very nice idea, I've made one myself for my daughters with a few minor mods to the design. My younger one is really excited about dens at the moment and this is perfect for her.</p>
Great! they so DO those nooks!
Was the Post pointed?
It was pointed. If yours is not, then you can maybe punch a hole first with a heavy crowbar?
Perfect fort for kids - easy, portable, safe and most of all FUN!
Thanks! I sometimes lie down in there with my legs sticking out the side...
this is nice...making a fort is part of the fun isn't it? :-)
It is! sometimes we cant help but build it for them...
Congratulations! Simplicity is the keyword on your design. Will use it as soon as I can!
You can actually get the little ones to do most of the work (and shore it up while they are playing).
C'est cute &ccedil;a!
et bien, merci!
I'm an adult, and I fully intend to build myself a yurt tonight. As soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen. Clear contest winner in my book!!!
I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment! Don't forget to bring some books and pillows.
Thanks, your stuff is wicked.
So simple! great idea
So perfect. This is such a good use for an umbrella. :D
Thanks, the kids get extra bored over the summer holidays!

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