Picture of Parasol Yurt Fort
This super easy fort will provide some fun shelter for your little ones in the summer heat; whether in the back yard or on the beach. It is basically composed of a parasol with some sheets pinned along the edge of the brim. The finished construction resembles the traditional nomadic Mongolian home called a Yurt (hence the Photoshop Yak). We first saw this fort construction method in a french-Canadian magazine for kids.

Step 1: Step 1: Items

Picture of Step 1: Items
For this fort you will only need:

1. A parasol (the beach variety will be easier to stake into the ground)
2. Some sheets, draperies or beach towels
3. 20 clothes pins
4. Rubber mallet (you can use a hammer but don't overdo it)

Snibril1 year ago

Very nice idea, I've made one myself for my daughters with a few minor mods to the design. My younger one is really excited about dens at the moment and this is perfect for her.

Renard_Bleu (author)  Snibril1 year ago
Great! they so DO those nooks!
Jetpack51 year ago
Renard_Bleu (author)  Jetpack51 year ago
Was the Post pointed?
Renard_Bleu (author)  snoopindaweb1 year ago
It was pointed. If yours is not, then you can maybe punch a hole first with a heavy crowbar?
Perfect fort for kids - easy, portable, safe and most of all FUN!
Renard_Bleu (author)  KookyKreations1 year ago
Thanks! I sometimes lie down in there with my legs sticking out the side...
shazni2 years ago
this is nice...making a fort is part of the fun isn't it? :-)
Renard_Bleu (author)  shazni1 year ago
It is! sometimes we cant help but build it for them...
Alex.Valdez2 years ago
Congratulations! Simplicity is the keyword on your design. Will use it as soon as I can!
Renard_Bleu (author)  Alex.Valdez2 years ago
You can actually get the little ones to do most of the work (and shore it up while they are playing).
blodefood2 years ago
C'est cute ça!
Renard_Bleu (author)  blodefood2 years ago
et bien, merci!
girlandcat2 years ago
I'm an adult, and I fully intend to build myself a yurt tonight. As soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen. Clear contest winner in my book!!!
Renard_Bleu (author)  girlandcat2 years ago
I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment! Don't forget to bring some books and pillows.
Renard_Bleu (author) 2 years ago
Thanks, your stuff is wicked.
foobear2 years ago
So simple! great idea
So perfect. This is such a good use for an umbrella. :D
Renard_Bleu (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks, the kids get extra bored over the summer holidays!