Today, I am going to show you how to use Pardus operation system working on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 Pardus is an animal name from anatolia. Developers gave this name to it because Pardus is a very unique type of animal among other predators. On this instructable, I will show you how to use this powerful OS to do great things. While you are reading these sentences, I know that you are not very new for Raspberry Pi, and you got a board with you with other things such as keyboard, usb wi-fi dongle, mouse, sd card, and you tried Raspbian to run in Raspberry Pi. (Note I am talking about PardusARM v3 now based on Debian/Raspbian) (Very special thanks to Pardus ARM community in Turkey) (PardusARM v3 is published on 18.03.2016(d/m/y))

The need list:

1. Your computer (With an internet connection wired or wireless)

2. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 (With SD card, mouse, keyboard e.t.c.)

3. Ethernet cable (long enough from your modem to Raspberry Pi)

4. Micro SD card reader (Class 10 32GB would be cool)

5. Speaker (for Raspberry Pi's audio jack to hear a voice)


For Turkish document, check the attachment below.

Note: Here is PardusARM v1 and PardusARM v2 to download: http://mirror.omurtech.com/

Step 1: Download PardusARM to Raspberry Pi 2

Open your computer, connect to internet, open a browser then surf to:


find "indir" for download. If this is hard to do, can go directly to this adress alternatively:

On this adress there are two files that you can see:

1. PardusARM3_20160318.img.zip 1.03 GB

2. PardusARM3_20160318.img.zip.md5 61B

Click on zip file to begin download. If your browser is Google Chrome, you can't be download the 1.03GB, if so, try to use Internet Download Manager program to download it very fast.

<p>Thank you so much. This is a very stable Linux distribution.</p>
<p>Thank you also for your good comment. </p>
<p>Good to know about the possibility to have a different OS on RPi board. Can you please summarize the advantages of Pardus vs Raspbian? Definitely some of them may fit certain users and make them use Pardus instead Raspbian. Thanks!</p>
<p>Your want is accepted. Here you are. Thank you very much.</p>

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