Today, I am going to show you how to use PardusARM Cloud v0.8 with Raspberry Pi 2. PardusARM Cloud is published on May 19 which is a special day for Republic of Turkey because on that day it was Atatürk Rememberance and Sport Bayram. On my early instructables, I show you how to use PardusARM for Raspberry Pi 2 for the first usage and you really loved, thanks. Also Adafruit loved and shared my instructables to all around the world. Thanks Adafruit, and special thanks for PardusARM community in Turkey! They are really hardworking, and helpful when one stuck :)

NOTE: On this instruction, I have got Raspberry Pi 2 board with me to do these cloud things. If you have got Raspberry Pi 3 board, you can also use PardusARM Cloud perfectly.

The need list:

1. Raspberry Pi 2 board with necessary things.

2. Your computer with internet connection

3. Your modem with LAN port and ethernet cable to get an internet access from modem to Raspberry Pi 2 board.

4. SD card and SD card reader

Step 1: Download PardusARM Cloud

On your computer, visit this address below and download PardusARM Cloud for free:

If your web browser errors when you download PardusARM Cloud 645MB approx. you may use Internet Download Manager program in order to help your download to your desktop.

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