Today, I am going to show you how to use Mobile SSH to access PardusARM's root shell. Root shell, I mean, you don't need to write sudo to do sudo codes. This means you are now a kind of super user to control PardusARM. As you know I wrote how to use PardusARM with Raspberry Pi 2 on my early instructables.

The need list:

1. Raspberry Pi 2 with micro SD card which included PardusARM v3 (Learn how to use PardusARM today!)

2. Android mobile phone

3. An available wireless wifi modem with LAN port supported

4. Ethernet cable to give an internet access to Raspberry Pi from your wifi modem

5. Available internet connection from your modem.


NOTE: You need to complete this instructable to go on with this instructable!!!

Step 1: Download Mobile SSH

1. Download Mobile SSH application from Google Play to your Android phone.

2. Open the app from your mobile phone

3. Give an energy from adapter to Raspberry Pi and run PardusARM as usual.

4. Attach ethernet cable to Raspberry Pi's ethernet port from your modem's one of other LAN ports. On here, you need long enough ethernet cable.

5. Go to adress to your modem and learn what is your Raspberry Pi's internet address. Alternatively, you can learn this from LXTerminal

sudo ifconfig

Pardus is passwoed for you. On eth0 side there is inet addr: which is your IP address locally.

6. On your mobile phone >> select three points on top-right side of the applicaton >> select SSH Settings >> You need to write IP address of Raspberry Pi board that we did this one basement ago. >> SSH Port is 22 >> Select ok

7. On your mobile phone >> select three points on top-right side of the application >> select Connect and use pardus as login name.

8. When you see PardusARM logo with characters, after that there is yellow line appear. Type this code:

sudo startx

send this code and wait a liitle bit. Use pardus as a password and username. Check your monitor now.

Now, you can see red screen as a desktop background. Now, you have got root authentication.

Check the video how to use this option.

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