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Park It Here - Built On Bolt Iot

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'Park It Here' is a concept for big shopping centers where we have parking system.This is a prototype of the parking controlling system which itself manages the parking traffic in shopping center.In this, when a car reaches at the start point a screen is placed. On this screen, all the parking spaces will be shown with their status of whether they are available, occupied or going to be occupied, and where to find it.

Step 1: Components Used

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1. Bolt Iot

2. Breadboard

3. Connecting Wires

4. Infrared Sensors

5. Wifi Router

Step 2: Connecting Bolt Iot to Wifi Hotspot

1. Connect Bolt's SD Card to PC and in the bs.txt file change it's ssid and password same as the ssid and password of wifi hotspot.

2. Insert SD Card in Bolt Iot unit.

3. Wait for few seconds, the blinking blue LED will become constant i.e. it is connected to your wifi hotspot.

Step 3: Programming Bolt Iot

We used HTML for designing webpage which is attached.

Step 4: Finding Bolt Iot Unit's IP Address

We have used Fing Application here.

1. Download app Fing in your mobile.

2. Connect your mobile to the wifi hotspot on which your Bolt IoT unit is connected.

3. Open Fing app, the app will find the IP Address of Bolt Iot unit.

Step 5: Uploading File to Bolt Iot Unit

Picture of Uploading File to Bolt Iot Unit

1. Open Browser and type Bolt_IP_Address/upload

2. Then upload the HTML page by clicking on bolt.

3. Now the page will appear with message 'File Uploaded Successfully'.

Step 6: Assembling the Components

Picture of Assembling the Components

Connect Infrared to Bolt Iot unit on GPIO pin 1,2,3,4 via breadboard as shown in figure.

Step 7: Run Project

1. Open browser and type Bolt_IP_Address

2. The web page will load the project will run as shown in video.

This project was made by Vishwa Anuj Shivaratri, Na


tanya jain (author)2017-02-10

in the code which you have provided in the link

VishwaA4 (author)tanya jain2017-02-10

the numbers mentioned the code,are for the image .

tanya jain (author)2017-02-08

what are the nubers in the code?

namanryan (author)tanya jain2017-02-08

What kind of numbers ?

tanya jain (author)namanryan2017-02-10

in the code which you have provided

tanya jain (author)namanryan2017-02-09

which you have mention in the code..!

<path d="M123.074,213.369V74.554c0-4.971,4.029-9,9-9h72.838c30.544,0,55.394,24.849,55.394,55.392s-24.85,55.392-55.394,55.392 h-31.343c-4.971,0-9-4.029-9-9s4.029-9,9-9h31.343c20.619,0,37.394-16.774,37.394-37.392s-16.775-37.392-37.394-37.392h-63.838 v129.815c0,4.971-4.029,9-9,9S123.074,218.339,123.074,213.369z M337.553,44.846v197.956c0,31.04-3.731,66.022-48.296,88.413 l-53.403,29c-0.149,0.081-0.3,0.158-0.454,0.23c-21.095,9.957-34.319,14.935-47.583,14.935c-13.26,0-26.56-4.974-47.813-14.923 c-0.163-0.076-0.322-0.157-0.479-0.242l-53.399-29c-44.566-22.39-48.298-57.373-48.298-88.413V44.846 C37.827,20.118,61.161,0,89.842,0h195.695C314.219,0,337.553,20.118,337.553,44.846z M319.553,44.846 c0-14.552-15.577-26.846-34.015-26.846H89.842c-18.438,0-34.015,12.294-34.015,26.846v197.956c0,33.633,6.299,56.259,38.494,72.387 c0.089,0.044,0.177,0.09,0.264,0.138l53.293,28.942c37.293,17.446,42.643,17.443,79.61,0.006l53.308-28.948 c0.087-0.047,0.175-0.093,0.264-0.138c32.194-16.128,38.493-38.755,38.493-72.387V44.846z M254.709,254.649l-39.127,23.194 c-26.4,13.593-29.162,13.594-55.799-0.007l-39.115-23.187c-4.276-2.534-9.796-1.124-12.332,3.153 c-2.534,4.276-1.123,9.797,3.153,12.332l39.358,23.331c0.162,0.096,0.327,0.187,0.494,0.272c16.029,8.19,26.25,12.285,36.443,12.285 c10.196,0,20.364-4.1,36.278-12.298c0.159-0.082,0.314-0.167,0.468-0.258l39.358-23.331c4.276-2.535,5.688-8.056,3.153-12.332 C264.505,253.527,258.984,252.116,254.709,254.649z" fill="#08e8ab"/>


namanryan (author)tanya jain2017-02-09

Where did you get this code ? We used Java script in making this project.

Swansong (author)2016-10-21

This is a great idea, I love it when you know if a lot is full so you don't have to drive around forever looking for a spot!

namanryan (author)Swansong2017-02-08


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