This is Parking System with Ethernet and in arduino.

Ethernet is WIZnet W5500 Ethernet shiled.

It is very easy possible using the ethernet. Ethernet or internet is originally using TCP/IP Protocol communication.

And originally TCP/IP Stack is Software. But, W5500 is solved TCP/IP Protocol 4 Layer.

So, It is very easy possible ethernet.

Step 1: Component List

1. Arduino Uno

2. WIZnet W5500 Ethernet shield

3. Ultra Sonic Sensor(HC-SR04)

4. Servo motor (SG-90)

5. infrared rays sensor (GP2Y0A41SK0F)

6. Bread board

7. Wire

Step 2: Hardware Make Process

It is make process.

1. Make Schematic

2. Sensor verification

3. Source coding

4. Make Hardware case

Step 3: Web Page

It is Web page operation.

Indicate to 3 state.

1. Indicate Parking state

2. Indicate to in front of cars

3. Indicate Door bar open/close state

4. Door open / close operation

Source code is upload in myblog: http://openstory.tistory.com/52

Thank you

<p>can i use ethernet shield WIZ5100 ? i hope someone can answer me</p>
Can't get the point, sorry... You should describe the purpose of this project, and the project itself (how does it work?) with more details...
It is just using 3 sensor.<br><br>1. ultra sonic sensor<br>2. servo motor<br>3. infrared rays sensor<br><br>So, first, all sensor to connect arduino. and sensor coding.<br>then stacking arduino and ethernet shield.<br>And internet web server coding.<br>It is all operation.
<p>Hmmm.... What?</p>

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