In this instructable you will learn the art of Parkour.(Another variation is known as free running)This instructable will start out with what you need to do before you can start parkour because you need the strength, speed, and flexibility to survive this sport. if you do something stupid that gets you hurt it isnt my fault!

Step 1: Physical Training

The Physical training is one of the most important parts of parkour. In the next few steps I will show you what you should be doing to get stronger and how to raise you endurance. When you are doing the physical training you should always have someone with you to encourage to keep going. If you are tired tell yourself to keep going never quit unless you absolutely have to! Also you should stretch before and after every time you exercise! (dont bounce because you could hurt yourself badly)
Can we get a step about the difference between Parkour and Freerunning? And maybe something about the philosophy behind Parkour? That'd be great :D
I am an avid traceur, doing parkour and freerunning for about 3-8 a week. Parkour was reintroduced to the public in 1987 by David Belle who was french. Him and his cousins and friends did it alot, and it became well known. It was actually called Parcour.
I know parkour is an actual sport and its the fastest way to get from point a to b…Freerunning is more tricks like flips and backflips etc.
I practice parkour and it's a pet peeve of many Traceurs when 'tricking' is mistaken for 'Parkour'.
cool i like to do parkour too
Do u have to stretch if ur 12
YES OF COURSE!if not, you end up with...well...let me say the lowest pain one: your leg breaks. Highest pain is: your muscles break(this is iremediable)
Lol you all dont know anything about parkour and freerunning. You should always stretch before and after parkour. And yhe lowesr pain is actually jumpers/runners knee. I had it for 2 months, it is terrible. It can go away after a week of care though.
whats a sisser kick??
<p>were you kick your leg up into the air while the utter is on the ground and backflip</p>
can you show how not to do it?
this is the only thing i can not do .
we do this in karaty
I love parkour, and the tutorial. Usually other tuts would require paying or logging in, i just skipped those. <br>
thats a bad position you should never get your butt so lifted, that affects your back and can give you trouble in the future
&quot;your butt so lifted&quot; what does that mean exactly? Are you saying that in the diagram the squat goes too low or stays too high?
not at all, you can go as low as you can handle, but your back should always be in a 90&ordm; position
free running isn't a variation on parkour, it's just the movements without the silly philosophy.
no its parkour without purpose so its like freestyle parkour rather getting form point a to point be as effectively and quickly as possible u do flips and other unnecessary yet fun things
You couldnt be any more wrong, except maybe if you said that the way you do parkour is the same as freerunning, oh wait you did!
As far as I know they are the same thing. Running climbing jumping to get from point A to point B. Freerunning is a name used that, like I said, doesn't bind the movements to any philosophy. If I'm still wrong or unclear, correct me. But it really doesn't matter, cause if I was going to go do some parkour or freerunning I'd end up vaulting and jumping just the same.
parkour = efficient<br/>freerunning = aesthetic. does that clear things up?<br/>
This doesn't clear anything up because they movements are still the same, Just with a flip here or there.
no, not really. With parkour you won't need kashes or dashes, and no flips or wall spins, only wallruns when you need. Freerunning you use whatever you want, possibly inventing what you do.
well you can kind of put it this way. free running is the more flashy version of parkour. both are pretty cool to watch but Parkour is a little more practical (like running from cops maybe lol) parkour can get you from point a to b with minimal effort while free running will end up with you wasting a little bit of energy showing off. thats what my take on it is.
It doesn't matter
?? cant really tell the context behind that. can you elaborate?
Xl3, you are correct in what you say, that free-running is a more aesthetically pleasing form of parkour, using more round-about routes, and often wasting energy on flips, wall-spins and fanciful moves, whereas parkour is an efficient A-B, no frills kind of activity. Also, to monterto, Yes, it does matter, as they have diverged and became two different things. Some people can get quite tetchy about points like this so try to take into account what people say. Hope i've cleared some things up...
not really
well it really does matter what they are called. you would never call rugbee (sorry bad spelling) and football the same thing would you? they are essencially the same thing, but they are two different variations of a very similar game. as for the differences, its really simple. lets say you are a Tracuer (a person who does parkour) your main goal is to get somewhere (lets say a roof) as quickly and efficiently as possible. this means no extra flips or anything like that, just running, jumping, and climbing. if you are a freerunner however, you will not neccesarilly want to get to the top of the roof, unless you want to do a backflip off of it or somthing. you would look around and see a wall and do a wall flip or wall spin off of it. very showoffy. then you might see a rail and want to do a broken arm spin or somthing. sooner or later you miight end up on the roof, but you will waste a ton of energy and time doing so. Parkour was designed to be helpfull in an emergency. how would doing a flip help you get away from a crazy ax murderer, or push someone out of the way of a bus. the problem is that a lot of Tracuers also do free running, so while they are filming for a youtube vid or somthing they might want to add a flip here or there to make the vid a little more flashy. true parkour is basicly a martial art and a disipline. while freerunning may use a lot of the moves as a Tracuer would use, it is more about freestyle and looking good, while Parkour is all about usefullness in a tough situation. my last words. put it this way. there is a difference between downhill skiing and ski racing, but the line is a little more blurred with this argument. you definatly can tell the diff between racing and freestyle.
rugby is more like football (soccer) than football
It doesn't matter what you call it
Yeah, actually, it does...
you dont have to be so rude you know?
How do you roll from a high object? Do you land, then roll? Isnt this ineffective, asthe main force is taken from your landing? -RoAr
you land on your feet but rather than taking all the force downward you let it throw you forward into a roll
always land on the balls of your feet (just behind the toes), i am fairly new, but when you land on the balls of your feet it gives you the ability to transfer most of your downward momentum into forward momentum. you were right in a sense of landing then rolling, but you need to put them into one motion. NEVER put your hands out in front of you (sorry to contradict the writer) or you could break your wrist. that is the philosophy of any fall, not just parkour. when you drop from a good heigth, tuck your head in, pull your lead hand around your body slightly, and roll from your shoulder, to your opposite hip. this minimizes contact with your spine, and (if you tucked your head in right) will stop you from cracking your skull. it also places your feet in a position to keep on running. look it up on youtube, videos are better than explanation or pics.
So you put your hands behind you? I would like to see you roll like that without killing yourself.
Well, It's been over a year now, and I'm far more experienced, haha. I've learned how to roll, just a few more kinks to get out. You will have to put your hand in front of you. Wolf, are you on APK?
I don't think so. I do have an account on UF but I almost never check it. And I did notice that was a year ago, but I didn't want someone to read it and get the wrong idea.
the boy scouts of america put theyre arms crossed over their chest so is that still ok for parkour training?
for push ups i mean
you mean sit-ups
oh the wing press up... they take a bit getting used 2 but then theyu build u up twice th3 strength :D
what is a wing pressup? No luck googling it.
is treking ok too?<br />
last step, last words.<br /> what does &quot;i'm starting the snowball&quot; mean?<br /> <br /> lol<br /> <br /> ~Operator99
Well, if you push a snowball down a hill/mountain, it will grow larger.&nbsp; I think the author is trying to start that type of an effect with Parkour, but I could be wrong.<br />
&nbsp;it is posible

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