Step 9: Jump and Drop.

Picture of Jump and Drop.
Find a small ledge, knee height preferably.

Stand upon the ledge and then jump out not up. This is what I mean: Courtesy of Wikipedia

When you land you should land on the balls of your feet and you then bend your knees down.

However. You should not bend your knees much past 90 degrees and generally your body should be on a slight angle. We do this so then we do not lose momentum after vaulting/ dropping off an object.

You can also use your hands to 'break the fall' and to allow yourself to make up for any lost momentum. I personally like to bring my hands to the ground between my legs, kinda like a spider or whatever.

This PDF explains Landings well!
RSV263 years ago
can you show how not to do it?
georgewu1085 years ago
 Yeah. I love planting my hands on the floor. YOu look like Altair when he lands from a fall 
Pat Sowers (author)  georgewu1085 years ago
that photo with th green marks are not me XD
Also if you land on the heels, the shockwaves can shatter your legs and possibly coccyx :)
cd416 years ago
never knew that