Step 14: Finishing the Soup

Test your vegetables (poke with a fork to see if they are tender/ eat some of them) to see if they are cooked.

Once they are cooked to the desired consistencey, transfer to the blender.

NOTE: You may need to do batches.

NOTE: Some blenders require that food is below a certain temperature, you may want to check the manual.

Process until the soup is velvety and smooth, yet retaining texture from the vegetables.

<p>Made this today, very nice for a dull grey wintery day. I made it with milk and water (1/2 and 1/2), which made it good and creamy but I would recommend seasoning well if you don't use stock. Thank you for sharing this recipe :-) </p>
Mmmm, parsnips are so good! Would probably be really nice with some celeriac too.
Sounds delicious!

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Bio: I enjoy making easy and delicious vegetarian & vegan foods.
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