I freaking love fries! Who doesn't? But they're sadly not that healthy. Luckily I have an alternative; fries made out of parsnip! Who knew you could make fries out of that? They look fantastic and they taste even better! The structure is very similar to normal french fries. Very yummie and super easy!

Step 1: Ingredients

One serving

2 Parsnips
Olive oil
An oven
Baking sheet and paper
A pan with boiling water
Tea towel
(A dicer is optional. I wanted to make crinkle cut fries!)
Carrot fries are as good plus they normally cost less to buy.
Also a good idea. Sadly, I don't like carrots, so this is it for me. :)
Where do you even buy parsnips?
Veggie department of the grocery store. In the Netherlands that is, but I can't imagine you can't find this anywhere else.
If we're being honest here, deep frying one root vegetable vs another root vegetable will make no real difference in the healthfulness/unhealthfulness of a food. The bottom line is that parsnips net carb count is only marginally less than potatoes and they actually have 5 times the fat of potatoes (granted, even 5 times the fat is still negligible) <br> <br>But since we are being honest, parsnip fries are a great alternative to the every day potato fries we're all used to. And besides, parsnips are tasty.
I never used the word deep frying in my Instructable. I used an oven. So that makes them not even slightly better, but a hell of a lot better than the fries you buy at a fast food restaurant. :)
Crinkle cut fries are definitely the way to go! Good choice!
the produce department of any grocery store.
Thank you! Oddly they always taste so much better than &quot;plain&quot; fries.
Wow! These look amazing! Boiling and baking must make them fabulous.
Thanks! Try them, you will never want normal fries again. No, that's a lie. They are awesome, but normal fries are still awesome too! :)
When boiling, do you get the water boiling first before putting the fries in or do you let them sit in water until they boil for 3 minutes?
The water has to boil before you put in the fries. I'll edit it tonight! :)

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