I am going to make a castle

But not all in one insuctable

This is my first insuctables

let's do this

Step 1: My House

so now I'm make my house

So let me show you my house

Step 2: Now Where Is a Village?

I am lucky because I found a village

So now just find a village

Step 3: Follow the Gravel Road

make a gravel road to your house

Let's hope you were close to a village

Step 4: Protect the Village

make iron bars around the


With iron doors so that

You can get in

And your village is safe

Step 5: Part 2 Is Next

we are done

So that was kind of long I know this sounds like

A how to protect your village

But this is only the beginning

See you next time

<p>guys im back im still makeing thanks for looking</p><p>Part 2</p>
Can't wait to see part 2!!
<p>right now I'm taking pics for a part 2</p><p>So tomorrow lets hope I did not delete the world</p>
<p>hey guy</p><p>Iron bars part is hard but it is worth it</p>

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