Part 1 of 2: How to Make a Basic Ring


Introduction: Part 1 of 2: How to Make a Basic Ring

Demonstrating how I make my Wee Rings start-to-finish (minus some boring polishing) as seen on ... Soldering, ring forming, stone setting, tube setting, filing, all the good stuff in one wee package.



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    I've been looking for that credit card-style Ring gauge you used at the start, but cannot find it anywhere!
    I've seen combined Ring & Bracelet gauges, but not the one you used.
    What's it actually called or do you have any links to the product (or similar product)?

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    If you find that item please forward info, as I also would like to find it.

    What gauge wire? What hardness? Was it round or half-round?

    what gauge of wire did you use? also was it half hard?

    Hoover and Strong does not sell to the public. Any sugestions on where the average Joe can buy the stuff you use?

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    G&S gold in Michigan sells to the public. If they don't have the type of stock you want check Rio Grande, Thunderbird or Silver Supply. You can google these suppliers for their websites. Have fun!

    there are a number of places... Rio Grande, Thunderbird supply, Fire Mountain gems... there are others but I've never used anyone else so I'm not the best to ask :D

    heating and quenching produces hardened metal. You may be annealing the metal after all, but it's probably due to the very small mass of the wire. I'm guessing it mostly cools in a few seconds and your "quench" occurs only cools the metal from a few hundred degrees (low temp for metal) to room temp.

    Anyway, what kind of metal are you using?

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    heating and quenching produces hardened steel. heating (correctly) and quenching produces annealed silver ;) and i'm using silver. i have worked with both; they are very different.

    wow this is amazing work! i am very interested in doing one myself.. how do you get ahold of the stones if you dont mind me asking? & what material are you using for the ring itself? thanks!!

    And, start to finish, how long does it take to do this?

    Haha, my wrist tattoos are golden-ratio rectangles. :) I'm a pretty big dork, so I like the symbolism of them and how you see the ratio represented all the time in art and nature. From start to finish the rings usually take me about an hour to make, not counting when they're in the tumbler. I edited most of the sanding and polishing out of the video (which is the boring, labor-intensive stuff).