Picture of Part 1 of my knot series: The Overhand Knot
I am starting a knot series of how knows how many parts!
So, here I have  the Overhand Knot, the most basic knot.
This helps with lots of other knots so it is useful.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-Rope, or paracord

Step 2: Over and Under

Picture of Over and Under
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Instructables 027.jpg
Instructables 028.jpg
Take one end of the rope and bring it over the other side of the rope to form a loop.
Pull it down under the rope then back over to the left and tighten.
georion2 years ago
What is this Knot for ?????
Hitnine3 years ago
all these knots are universally taught and known by the Boyscouts and are required in order to advance in ranks. i've been pasing this on to help teach my younger scouts proper knots and their uses.
noahw3 years ago
Nice work!

If you keep posting them - I'll keep featuring them.

More knots! More knots!