Picture of Part 2 of my knot series: The Square Knot
The Square knot. Basically two overhands but with a twist. (Get It?)
NOT to be used to Hold critical loads, like a person.
I finally found my paracord!
Also called a reef knot.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Rope, or Paracord 550 as I have
- Hands
timlh3 years ago
Strictly a reef knot is a quick release version of the square knot. (Used so reefs in the sail can be let out). Instead of pulling both ends back through the knot, only a bight is pulled through on one side, leaving a standing end that can be pulled to release the knot. Similar to half a shoelace bow.
finton timlh2 years ago
Ah yes: I've always called a square knot a reef knot also, but I can see your point, timlh - a bight would definitely make it easier to shake out a reef. Your definition of a reef knot is how we tie our dressing gowns!
demonfox3 years ago
I've always known it as a reef knot...
Same here.
ThatKnottyguy (author) 3 years ago
I grew up on the fact that it was a square knot. Thanks for the info. though! I will edit that in!