FSSR - True Bolt Action Sniper Rifle





Introduction: FSSR - True Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

UPDATE!!!!-I have reposted the trigger pictures


You have seen the pictures, and you can now build it!

this is easily my personal favourite gun, it gets great power and has a couple of new features that I hope you like.

v.0 after cleaning up my wardrobe I found an old block trigger prototype, it was bolt action and had a safety, it was probably made sometime in january, way back before the guns in my first slideshow.
v1.0 extensive remodeling of the original, added a true trigger and made the reloading mech much better looked and worked just like the one you see here.
v1.1 added the fake barrel inside the gun and built the bipod.
v1.2 built the ammo rack and cellphone sight
v1.3 added the scope
v1.4 added a small mod that made loading easier

v1.x a version that replaces the bolt action system with an 8 shot trurret, is sill just an idea but I may actually build it

range: up to 20 meters I think
weight: 1.4 kg
mechinism: bolt action
trigger: true
rate of fire: 1 shot per second with a bit of practice
power: I broke a glass using 2 #64 rubber bands fom 1 meter
ammo capacity: 2 yellow rods in the locked hopper or up to 12 in the open hopper
attatchments: cellphone sight, 18 round ammo belt and a removable bipod

please note: this is not a copy of djradio's ar-4 v3 in any way, they may look similar and use basicly the same mech but they are different, this has a smaller profile a bigger grip and different sights I did not copy him!

Step 1: Parts List

please not this is probably a bit off, also you do not need to use the same peices that I have used

The gun
grey one clip: 30
grey 2 clip: 3
orange 2 clip: 57
red 3 clip: 76
green 4 clip: 58
yellow 5 clip: 49
blue 7 clip 3d: 28
white 8 clip: 35

green: 75
white: 97
blue: 46
yellow: 5
red: 4
grey: 9
black: 1

blue spacer: 39
silver space: 6
tan clip: 30
blue clip: 2 please note I dont have any of these so I use a tan clip with the peg cut off
black clip: 7
orange clip: 2
grey gear: 2
small tire: 11
female ball joint: 1
large hole inge: 1

half orange connector: 8
cut blue rod: 1 this has one end cut off so it is as long as a white rod
cut white rod: 1 this has both ends cut off

note these are just for the gun not the bipod or attatchments

Step 2: The Foregrip

should be easy enough to build, its just two grey rods with red connectors on them connected with annother grey rod then with more connectors on the side. sorry the pics aren't clear

Step 3: Sights

pretty self explanitory

Step 4: Fake Barrel

just your average fake barrel, also most of the blue 7 clip connectors can be relpaced by white snowflakes

Step 5: Handle and Stock

Step 6: Pin

Step 7: Trigger and Support

I replaced the really blurry picture with better new ones, now you can build it

Step 8: The Mech

Kinda bad pics again (sorry)

Step 9: Assembly and Other Stuff

You are almost finished your very own FSSR!

Step 10: Rubber Bands

Simple, I use 64's here

Step 11: Loading

pretty self explanitory



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    What is a cellphone sight? :S

    sorry for late reply. This cellphone sight is just an mobile phone with an camera function added onto the gun. So you can zoom in the camera and shoot. Also if you camp in an war with this gun and the cellphone sight attached, and youre bored, you can chat with other one's via the sight

    Aww man! This would be the best side arm during a knex war.

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