Introduction: Part 5 of My Knot Series: the Highwaymans Hitch

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The Highwayman's hitch is ideal for tying a rope to an object when you need a quick release. Just yank on the end that is not supporting the load to untie and completely remove the rope from the object it was tied to.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • Post, or similar thing to tie it to
  • Paracord 550, or rope

Step 2: First Bite

Picture of First Bite

first, make a bite under the post with the short end on the right side.

bite- half loop.

Step 3: Second Bite and Up

Picture of Second Bite and Up

make another bite with the left side of the rope and put it over the post and through the top bite. tighten.

Step 4: Right Bite

make a bite with the right side, and put it through the top bight.
Then pull the shorter rope to untie it when needed. Tie to horse or other thing with longer end.
Hope you liked it! If you have any problems, ask me in the comments!
Until next time, -TKG


nwlaurie (author)2012-06-24

Pleas take this constructively: the word is BIGHT not BITE (at least it is in all my knot books!)

godfish (author)nwlaurie2012-06-24

"Pleas take this constructively:"? it's PLEASE NOT Pleas.

your_dragon113 (author)godfish2012-06-26

(((LMFAO))).......We ALL speek gooder english here. HAHAHAHAH

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