This simple sorting table is a great addition to shop or lab.  After jamming my fingers into cans filled with sharp screws and other lethal objects, looking for some specific bolt or screw, I finally decided to do something about it.

I didn't make an instructable while I was building my table, but after using it for nearly a year, it's become indispensable whenever I need to find a screw or other small part that's been shuffled to one of the large catch-all containers scattered around my shop.

Step 1: How Its Used:

When confronted with a large number of unorganized parts or tools, empty them out onto the table's clear plastic top.  You can then spread the items out safely, easily spotting the specific component needed.  

After the part has been discovered, a 3" opening on one of the table's ends allows you to sweep the unused parts back into their container.

Another feature that comes in handy is the table's clear top.  As I've done in the photo, the table can be set on top of a lightbox so all of the parts are lit from the bottom.  Sometimes spotting the shape of a single part, among hundreds similar parts is easier when everything is silhouetted.

The clear top also makes it easy to spot errant components that miss the table and end up underneath.

And thank you for your kind words. When I have a gazillion small parts, usually screws, bolts, nuts and unknown things, backlighting seems to help define the shape of what I'm looking for.
<br>very nice idea, my solution is one of those bendy white plastic cutting boards (since my studio is packed to the gills) but you got me started thinking about lighting from underneath.... thanks for your inspiration.
Nice. I'd consider putting a magnetic strip around the edges of the table and then I'd use a large magnet to collect the metal parts when finished.
Nice plans and drawings.<br/>A tilt feature would be nice on this too. Just put your empty container at the outlet and tip the table up to get all the fasteners back in. Just a thought.
:) Thanks
Only a true Maker understands the need for such a table. Great idea!

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