This is a very handy paper ninja star for part time ninjas. (Full time ninjas, sorry you might wanna make a real one)

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is two square pieces of paper. You can use paper thats already a square or take a normal 8 1/2 by 11 piece and make it a square. I used origami paper so its already a square _
a lot less confusing i mean
great and a lot less than =SMART='s ninja star!
hey guys ,it will be more fun to buy your own real <a href="http://www.weapons-universe.com/Martial_Arts/Ninja/Ninja_Weapons.shtml">ninja weapons</a><br>rather than these paper techniques.Very good stuff available at the given link.See it.
i got them memorized! i can make them any day if i had paper! i know how to make FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES of shuriken, not including kunai, bo and ryu!!!!!!
I dont mean to brag...
Part-time Ninja weapon? So what is it the rest of the time?
yeah you took the title to literally
<sub>It was a <em>joke</em>...</sub><br/>
I got it.....
nyuk, nyuk.
I think he meant a weapon for a Part-Time Ninja... I dunno...
Mine keeps on getting dented... and flying off course...
yo thanks that was great a little hard to get but good
in step 7 its a parralelogram
i was referring specifically to the triangles not the whole piece and a tip dont try to act smart and correct people
getting from step 8 to step 9 is confusing
These are bigger and alot better than the ones i make thanks very much
I can't say how much I appricate this Instructable. It's not so much that I need/want a potentially dangerous item in my hous, but the fact that you actually explained how to do this. The other instructables on this same topic were little more than pictures, but you actually wrote what to do and how to do it. Good Job!

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