Partially Braided Party Hairdo




Introduction: Partially Braided Party Hairdo

Getting ready for a party is no longer a hasty affair, especially when you know some really effective, easy and stylish hair styles. Here in this article, we will tell you step by step, how you can do Partially Braided Party Hairdo.

Step 1: Combed Hair

On a well combed hair, with the help of sectioning tool, take a small section from the front-right end of your hair and start making a braid out of it.

Step 2: Making Braid

While making the braid, take another section of hair and merge it along. Leave a hair strand on the right side as shown in video. Repeat the steps, till you reach the end of braid. Tie the end with the help of a rubber band.

Clear out the left over hair strands from the braid with the help of fingers.

Step 3: Final Look

Now hold the sleek braid and fix its middle end with a hair pin. Roll the remaining braid and fix it again with the help of hair pins.

Your Partially Braided Party Hairdo is ready to flaunt! Sport it in a party and get loads and loads of compliments.

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