Here is my first instructable! It has been three years since I met Arduino. I tried different DIY projects but I haven’t post one before. Making an alarm system may not seem a complicated project, but If electronics is only your hobby-not your proffesion, then it is great deal. The previous version of my alarm system was sending SMS from a Mobile Phone. I hacked its buttons and get Arduino to simulate the button press. Anyway it is the old story.

A couple of weeks ago, I met Particle Photon. It is a new development board, programmable like Arduino and it has a built in WIFI. It is very good if you want to build a cloud based system. Of course I bought one and began to think of what I can do. I decided to make my alarm system again, but this time it will not send SMS; it will push notification to my mobile phone.

In my system, the photon has got a 433 Mhz receiver on it and I use cheap wireless door-window sensors, remote controls and a PIR sensor. Sensors sends some codes to the receiver and the Photon posts a message to the PusihingBox cloud service. You can set a mail or a notification on your mobile phone from the Pushing Box.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- Particle Photon with headers(1)

- 433 Mhz Receiver(1)

- Wireless Door-Window Sensor (1)

- Wireless PIR Sensor(1)

- 433 Mhz Remote Controller (or a garage door remote, wall switch remote, etc.)(1)

- Jumper Cable Female to Female(3)

- USB Micro B Cable(1)

- 5V Power Source (power adapter, mobile phone charger, computer, etc.)

<p>Cool project. We're working on something similar with wireless sensors. We're on GitHub. Maybe we can collaborate. </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Standalone-Intelligent-Sensor-System/</p>
<p>You could maybe use http://porterapp.com/ on the Android phone. Seems easy to use and setup.</p>
<p>This looks cool! Thanks for sharing this, and welcome to instructables :)</p>

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