The Particle Photon is a really cool micro-controller for getting started with IoT. Programming a photon is similar to programming a Arduino Nano with a few extra functions that give it WiFi capabilities. The photon can work with IFTTT and also has various shields similar to the Arduino that give it different capabilities.

In today's instructable I'm going to show you how to build a pule sensor using the photon, this circuit streams pulse data from the module to a web page which can be accessed online. This project can be used to monitor your heart activity during exercise, jogging, etc. You can store all the data on a web server for future reference.

Step 1: Materials and Components

To start of with here is a list of all the components required to get started with the project,

To make the hand band

  • PCB
  • Velcro


  • Soldering Iron
  • Multimeter

With the addition to the above tools you will need a PC to program the photon on and an active internet connection (over WiFi).

I have buit one which can simultaneously calculate the heart rate,body temperature and radiation... and sends the data as message to the mobile
<p>bruh clean your board have some etiquette </p>
<p>Me too im also having problems finding the PulseSensor_Spark/SparkIntervalTimer.h library</p>
<p>Hi, I'm having trouble finding the attachments, or basic web page to see the BPM data. Where could I find it? Thanks!</p>

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