Parts Cleaner





Introduction: Parts Cleaner

Quick and easy parts cleaner.

Items required.
Old coffee tin (Keep the can opened lid!)
Long bolt.
Cleaning solution

Tools required.

Step 1:

Fold the edges of the can opened lid upwards with a vise or pliers
**be careful of the sharp edge**

Drill 1/4" Hole into the center of the can opened lid.
(then drill several surrounding drain holes)

Fasten the end of the bolt to the lid with 2 nuts.

Step 2: Load Cleaning Tray

load cleaning tray with parts.
Fill the coffee can with a cleaning solution/solvent.

Step 3: Submerse Parts

Fully submerse the parts in the solution. (Evaporust in this case)
Put the plastic lid on.
set aside.

Just use the bolt head at the top to pull the parts out and dry.
No mess!



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A cheap cleaner used for rusted tools would be apple vinegar from the $1 store - one gallon cost $1 & takes most of the rust off - a little elbow grease with a pad will take off the other 10%... It is toxic free...

Cool. Exactly what i needed. I need to remove some rust from tools. I have some solution that removes rust.

Great job! Can't wait to make one. Oh, how I miss Tim Horton's. *sigh* Get my fix when visiting family in Canada.

I also miss Harvey's hamburgers and the Poutine...

I use Dawn dishsoap & water for parts cleaning & heavy grease removal. Almost any brand of dishsoap will do the job becxause they are formulated to cut grease (doesn't matter if it's petroleum based or from cooking). For small parts, use plastic storage containers with snap on lids from garage or yard sales cheap & when they wear out or start leaking, use them to store those small nuts, bolts or screws that have accumulated in the bottom of your workbench drawers!

I found two web sites that claim to be the home of Evaporust. Do you happen to know which is the genuine article?
Orison Marketing is the mother company of Evaporust. Great product and good people.

great ible! got me thinking , what would happen if i attached a vibrating sander to this-? --super- sonic -soaker!!!


for rust removal, instead of special solutions, you can also use 10% citric acid (by weight) mixed with regular tap water, works better if it is warmed up a little bit (40 degrees C)