Picture of Parts Storage from Orange Juice Containers
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Make very functional parts storage from plastic already in the recycle bin.  Plastic Orange Juice bottles work great.  Also Cat Litter pour containers (jugs) work well.  Containers with a side handle work best.  Using clear plastic is great because you can see much of what's in the container without having to dig or pour it all out. 

Step 1: Remove Labels

Picture of Remove Labels
First, remove labels from your given bottle.  I already had removed the lable - so you don't get to see that picture...  I remove labels by scraping up a corner with my fingernail.  Then, once about a quarter inch is up, I S-L-O-W-L-Y pull the label off.  In my experience, maintining about a 90 degree angle between the bottle and the pulled up section works well.  Usually a sticky glue residue will be left behind.  I have found spray silicone lubricant (WD-40) works great.  Just spray it on and let it soak the area with the glue residue for a couple minutes - maybe not that long.  Then wipe off and it looks wunderbar.