Parts Tray





Introduction: Parts Tray

I needed something to organize small loose parts, so I designed a segmented tray (with a lid) and printed it with a 3d printer.

Design and print files can be found here:

The lid (black in my model) sits under the tray, but goes on top if you want to stack several trays.



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    I wonder if 3D-printing a form for a vacuum-formed parts organizer (basically, same as this tray but with air evacuation holes) would make more sense in terms of costs/time/effort/repeatability ? Then the trays (unlimited amount of) could be made of styrene sheets - the material they are very often made of anyhow? The form would need to be printed from a material that holds temperature well but I think it's doable.

    only if you have access to a vaccuum former. I can see what you mean though.

    Pretty easy to make one. Just a frame for the sheet, the mold, and the vacuum box which from what I've read a shop vac works well. Toast up your sheets in the oven and go.

    We have a 3D printer but to make a small tray would be so expensive. It is easier to pick up a few at the dollar store. That is..., unless you were using the project to learn how to use your printer. If that is the case, than Good Job!!!

    Nice. Like the color combo too. But the time to print one out kinda makes it prohibitive.

    One saying that comes to mind with the 3d printers is :
    "Give a kid a hammer and everything looks like a nail."

    It does take a while to print . . . but I just press the "build" key and come back later. For me, the print time isn't a big issue unless the printer is backed up with projects.

    Those are nice and they look sturdy and durable. Which leads me to ask the inevitable question, how much did they cost in materials?

    About $1.25 for the tray, $.75 for the lid.

    For those who cannot afford a 3d printer, I recommend the storage containers from Harbor Freight, starting at $2.49.

    Well I need to buy a 3D printer but they are so expensive :( Guess I have to speed up my desktop-CNC project 'cause I need drawers like these :) Good 'ible thanks!