Parts Tumbler for 20$





Introduction: Parts Tumbler for 20$

Here is a quick project I made to polish up some parts, I will be making an instructible of how I made it exactly but if your interested in making it you can start collecting all the parts already, all you need is an old pair of roller blades (just the wheels), clothes dryier (w/ working motor) and some scrap wood. 



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    I have a large rock tumbler that my grandfather made almoste entirely out of wood. I have used it several times for cleaning parts. Planning to build a replacement, perhaps an ible.

    I like your idea, and was thinking of doing something similar to this. I wanted to make a clothes washer for washing oily/dirty rags, stuff that you wouldn't want to wash in your normal washer. Also, this concept might work for mixing small batches of concrete.

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    instead of making a clothes washer i would just get a dirt cheap one and use it as is, that's what i have in my laundry room for washing work clothes rags etc. the concrete idea might work but i would only mix batches under 50lb. unfortunately after operating continuously for about a week the drum i was using had a crack in it and the sheet metal is so thin that its almost impossible to weld so right now im working on a version 2.0 and most likely that's the one ill make an instructible for