Simple cheap wall mounted hardware & parts organizer.

The design allows for easy batch assembly, low cost lumber, customization of bin size, and easy future expansion.

The material used could vary, but for the video I used 1x4s(3), 2x4(1) and about a quarter sheet (2'x4') of 5mm underlayment to make 18 4" wide bins which easily hold a full standard size box of screws.

This was made on the cheap with materials I already had on hand, but probably less than $15 total cost for the materials I used if you needed to buy it all.

<p>I have wanted to make these bins for ages, I just didn't want the tedious repetition of making single bins. You have shown me I don't have to make them one bin at a time! Thank you so much!</p>
<p>simple &amp; great idea</p>
<p>Great job !</p>
I can only see the intro. Unfortunate, looks like something i would like to make
<p>These look excellent!</p><p>I made something similar a while back, but without the open areas up front to easily see into the boxes to see the contents, which is a <em>huge</em> drawback. Wish I had made mine more like yours.</p><p>Your design looks perfect!</p>
<p>Thanks! They have been super handy, I wish I had made them years ago.</p>
did someone forget to add the instructions?
<p>The video is pretty self explanatory. If you're on mobile for some reason the site just shows a picture of my video instead of the actual video. </p>

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