Introduction: Party Jars

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Learn how to make mason jars with a hole in the lid for a straw!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

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Small hammer
1/8" nail
3/8 drill bit (wood bit works best)
Round file
Vice (or other flat hammering surface)

Jar supplies:
500ml mason jars with 70mm size opening
Colored drinking straws

Approximate Costs:
A dozen 500ml/70mm jars are about $8
Straws are about $2
Four Handled 500ml/70mm jars are about $8

*Always wear eye protection when using tools

Step 2: Drill Hole

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Drill a hole in each lid. Slightly off-center is best. Use the drill at high speed but push softly for the cleanest hole. Pushing too hard and fast will cause the hole to be jagged and mangled.

Step 3: File Hole

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Use the round file to file down any rough edges or burrs. Insert the file and at an angle, run the file around the hole, rotating the file as you do so.

Step 4: Hammer Hole

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On the vice/hammering surface, hammer the hole a few times to further smooth the hole edges. You should be able to run your finger over the hole and it should be free of any edges.

Step 5: Repeat As Needed

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Repeat this for all your jars.

Step 6: Finishing Details

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If you mess up any if the lids, you can buy replacement tops. Also be sure to empty out the jars of any drill shavings. Please wash every jar for safety and sanitary reasons.

Step 7: Add an Umbrella Hole

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For a tropical theme, add an umbrella hole!

Use a 1/8" diameter nail to add an umbrella hole opposite the straw hole. Be sure to also flatten the back side of the lid with a hammer to eliminate any sharp edges.

Step 8: Enjoy

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After the jars are all complete, insert your straws and they're ready to go!

You can decorate the jars with clear labels that you can print on with your inkjet printer at home. Or use stickers or even spray paint them with a stencil!


These are so cute! And the decorating possibilities are endless!

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