Introduction: DIY Ceramic Pedestals in a Jiffy!

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People eat with their eyes first, so a visually-appealing presentation is extremely important. 

Ceramic Pedestal Plates are a fun and whimsical way to jazz up your informal party table without breaking the bank!  

Colorful mugs, bowls, plates and saucers are ideal for this DIY project.  They're inexpensive (think Dollar or Thrift Store) and come in many unique shapes and sizes.  Get a little wild, get a little CrAzY and get a LOT creative with these adorable ceramic pedestals. 

Single-tier pedestal trays are a Godsend if you're crunched for table space, while double-tier pedestals are great for chips, crackers, veggies and dip.

If you're going to build a triple-tier pedestal for cupcakes, petit fours, etc. Just make sure your pedestal is well-balanced and structurally sound. Don't skimp on the hot glue!

When the party's over,  your plates, bowls, cups and saucers can be returned back to their original humble existence... just like Cinderella's inanimate entourage. ;-)

What you'll need: 
  • Assorted cups, bowls, plates and saucers (avoid using heirloom pieces and fine china. ;-)
  • A hot glue gun 
  • A non-permanent felt tip pen or a pencil
Begin by heating up your hot glue gun.

Select a cup and bowl (or plate) you want to join. For stability, the largest diameter of the cup should be the base and rest on the tabletop.

Invert the bowl onto a counter top or any flat work space. Position the cup on top of the inverted bowl. Visually and physically center the cup.

Use a sharpie or pencil to trace the outline of the cup onto the bowl.

Remove the cup and apply hot glue in a zig-zag fashion around the traced circle.

Immediately place the cup back into postion on the bowl and press down firmly. Allow the glue to completely cool and set. If you sense any structural defects, simply apply more hot glue.

Once the glue has dried, turn your darling, old-but-new pedestal right side up and fill it with your party food!

When the party's over, just soak the pedestal "joinery" in hot water for a few minutes. The pieces will pull apart wiith surprising ease. The hot glue will peel right off, too!


alisonb (author)2012-02-19

Really like this idea :)

bajablue (author)alisonb2012-02-19

Thank you so much!

And I'd like to say congrats to you on your Sew Warm win!

You inspired me to create a porthole for my windbreaker door... so a double "Thank You" is actually in order. ;-)

alisonb (author)bajablue2012-02-20

Thank you very much :)

I was just so pleased to have been picked as a finalist let alone winning a prize :)

Would love to see a picture of your windbreaker with porthole.

bajablue (author)2012-02-19

Thanks Kim!

iceng (author)2012-02-19

Elevating your craft
for display aperitif
on a ceramic shaft
for a party consumptive.

bajablue (author)iceng2012-02-19

Rustic haiku,
of circular origin
in articulate prose.

sunshiine (author)2012-02-17

I absolutely love this! You clever girl you! I have a version I want to make for a cupcake stand but I have not made it yet. Thanks for sharing!

bajablue (author)sunshiine2012-02-17

Thank you, Sunshiine! Looks like we just might hit the big FIVE-O on this challenge.

lol... YAY in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

sunshiine (author)bajablue2012-02-17

I am working on at least one more. It would be nice to have 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bajablue (author)sunshiine2012-02-17

I've got a couple more to add... and only more 2 days to do it... yikes!

mprelle (author)2012-02-17


mprelle (author)2012-02-17

OH my you are the inventive lil u.M

bajablue (author)mprelle2012-02-17

lol... is it really YOU!?!

Love you bunches my BFF!

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