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Instead of some litte beeps or squeaks this alarm sets off a party popper, guaranteed to wake you with a start!

The base and clock circuitry come from a "Flying Alarm Clock". Originally when the alarm was on a motor would be set high, now the input is into a Picaxe microcontroller. When the Picaxe detects the input is high it sends a signal to a servo that moves from one extreme position to another. The servo is connected by a chain to a crocodile clip that is connected  to the string of the party popper.

Definitely thought it said party pooper&hellip;<br>
cool! 5 stars!
don't forget your towel beeblerox LMAO<br>just joking dont shoot me lol<br>
cool but one question do the wires have to stay connected after it is off if not I would just lick my finger an and use it to connect the wires when I really don't want to get up always keep an alarm clock far enough away that you need to get out of bed to turn it off
sorry I am not quite sure what you're asking. The push button turns the alarm off and has to be pressed once it has gone on.<br><br>The switch turns the power off for the servo and microcontroller when you just want it as a clock.<br><br>The wires could have been made much shorter or even have the buttons built into the case. They are long because that's what I wanted. That's the beauty of making things for yourself!
Nice!&nbsp; When I really need to get up, I put a thumb tack on mine.<br />
I would forget about the thumb tack....&nbsp; At the moment I manage to get up, other mornings its hard.<br />
Exactly the (very sharp) point!
It certainly starts the day with a bang!<br />

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