Party Popper Rocket Launcher




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Introduction: Party Popper Rocket Launcher

How to make a fun toy rocket launcher using a party popper.
This is a surprisingly powerful launcher with the projectile penetrating thin cardboard so please use responsibly and be careful when using the razor blade or craft-knife.



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    it depends how short. the ideal barrel size would be one that is the same internal volume as the amount of hot, pressurized gas created by the popper, so that just when there is no more pressure behind it, it leaves the barrel.i think that if you actually made the barrel slightly longer, it would have pressure behind it for longer, and go faster. however, it all depends on the volume of gas put out by the popper.

    nice, i used airsoft bbs

    The finished thing. Took me a while to find the right sized barrel. Shot OK.


    Use anything to block up the holes, maybe even gkue, chewing gum...

    just put a bunch of airsoft bbs into the pen and a wad of paper presto airsoft back up weapon.

    Doesn't it seem like a little too much effort for a 1 use thing? Even though, pretty ingenious and a nice little ballistics toy.

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    If it's a spring-loaded popper it can be reused:

    No, not too much because it is One use and after using it you ccan just throw it away. Instead of tube just use straw and instead of BLU-TAC use some cheap play-doh or something. One use, sorta like a derringer :D

    Can you say... THUMBTACK TIP???

    Just got 72 at party city for $9

    dude u can buy them at almost any grocery store in the toy section

    some states ban any pyrotechnic D: D: D:


    Like massachusetts. At least, they require you to get a special liscence to sell them. So most stores dont =(. But the ice cream man does =D

    Do you have to use the bluetak/gum? If so, are there any replacements for it?

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    DUCT TAPE!!!!!! I think that would work pretty well, need to go buy some poppers though- for scientific purposes, of course.

    i bet hot-glue would work

    You could try plasticine or even clay - essentially something that will seal and hold the parts together. If you were happy to have the launcher perform just one shot you could even use glue.