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A paper bag skirt that I made using a bright "animal print!" Camels, turtles, pink giraffes, hippos, rhinos, and even lime green whales make an appearance!


i_am_vindicated (author)2011-06-10

This is adorable :) Could you share the technique you used to make it?

ANFary (author)i_am_vindicated2011-06-10

Thanks! I used a Simplicity pattern #2413. The fabric is upholstery fabric, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, so I had to make sure that it hadn't been treated with any chemicals. The skirt is just two pieces and then the band around the bottom, but the pleating at the top was a little tricky, I had to make sure that they were all going the right direction!

i_am_vindicated (author)ANFary2011-06-11

Thanks so much :) I'll have to wait until Hancock's has Simplicity on sale :)

BetsyLouWho (author)2011-06-10

This is SO cute! Good job!

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