Step 5: Tips on mounting and cable attachment

Attach a piece of wood to the motor with tie-wraps or any other way you prefer. Make sure it can not slide of. A screw here or there can help prevent that. I also advise to attach a “safety rope” to the motor independently. Later, you first attach this safety rope to whatever endpoint you have chosen (e.g. tree, furniture…) to avoid the heavy motor falling whenever anything goes wrong when mounting or in use.

Obviously both wheels are mounted horizontally, each at one endpoint, with the supports on the top side and the bottom side free. Also make sure there will be enough space for the gondola’s to pass easily. How you start out of the first piece of wood to make a make a construction to mount each of the two wheel assemblies will completely depend on where you put them. Therefore I while not go into that. Use your own insight and make sure it withstand some force (you should not be able to pull it apart with your bare hands (unless you are into power training or something).

Knot the rope into a long loop running over both wheels. You should put quite some tension on it. I make a first loop fitting on rather loose and then remove it and make a knot to make it fit a little tighter. I repeat this in couple of small steps till I can just pull it over both pulley wheels.

When building the lift outside, take care with any mains connection that might come into contact with water. A simple approach is making the mains connection indoors and from there go outside to the motor with 12V.
How nice ! <br>The kids must have been happy ! &hellip;&nbsp;
You are Very Talented.
Wow, this is a really cool idea! I think I'm going to build one for my garden too.
so easy, yet so very very cool... +5

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