Making a party lights gondola lift with the kids

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Step 7: Some possible gondolas

We made a kind of joule thief flashlights, based on a construction derived from my cyborg zombies

The battery holders were made of cardboard, but that proved to be a lot of work. I do advise to pick up some ready made battery holders or make your own following any of the Ibles available on that subject. We used high yield 5mm LEDs in different colours (3 000-10 000 mcd depending on the colour) and let them shine down on shapes made from aluminium foil. Actually letting the LED light shine one the ground also gives a nice effect of traveling spots, but it tends to get lost when people are walking under the lift. So we stuck to catching the light on reflective shapes.

When we put the lift back up at home, soon a gondola able to carry a message or a small freight came soon to mind. A simple way to make one with a little cardboard box we had lying around is shown in the third picture. The end of the steel wire was bent perpendicular and inserted in a blob of hot melt glue on the bottom.

As said earlier LED-throwies would work to, but it would be less ecological. In contrast, a greener possibility is using solar garden lights (se last picture). The clear plastic part can even double as a cargo or play figure passenger space. For the 18 lights at the party that would however have been to expensive.
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vincent75204 years ago
How nice !
The kids must have been happy ! …