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This is a quick Instructable on how to make "party poppers" easier to pop. Party poppers have a small string that you pull hard, and then confetti comes out of the other end. The string can be hard to hold and difficult to pull. This device makes it easier.

This is a quick and dirty version that my son and I made since New Years Day is coming soon. It is constructed out of scrap wood from my workshop. You can make your version as fancy as you want! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kids should never use fireworks of any kind! Follow all safety instructions that come with your fireworks. My son is in the picture just to show how to pull the handle. The cannon is not armed.

Step 1: Operation

Picture of Operation

These are the parts of the "cannon". It is very simple to use once it is setup: all you need to do is pull the lever on the top and the poppers pop.

Step 2: Construction

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Begin by making the frame of the cannon out of whatever wood you have around. I used some leftover 2x4, plywood, and pine.

Step 3: Axle and Safety Pin

Picture of Axle and Safety Pin

These are made of wooden dowels. The pieces on the ends are just some toy car wheels I had lying around.

Step 4: Attaching the Lever

Picture of Attaching the Lever

Put the axle through the axle holes and lever. The lever should have a long string tied to it about half way up.

Step 5: Threading the Lever String

Picture of Threading the Lever String

Thread the string from the lever through the front.

After that, pull it under the axle.

Step 6: Loading the Popper

Picture of Loading the Popper

Insert a party popper and safety pin.

Tie the party popper string to the lever string.

Step 7: Fire!

Picture of Fire!

Finally, you're ready to remove the safety pin and pull the trigger! :)

After that, put a new party popper in the hole, tie it to the lever string, and pop again!

You can also load multiple poppers at once by tying them both to the lever string.

Step 8: Conclusion

The popper cannon works very well and directs the "pop" away from the person who is firing it.

I didn't include the exact dimensions since this is a quick and dirty version. I just wanted to show the basic setup. I also didn't spend time on the asethetics since it will only be used for one day, and then dismantled. (These scrap pieces of wood will be used again for other things)

This design has a lot of room for improvement, so I look forward to your feedback and pictures of your own party popper cannons. Have fun, be safe, and happy new year!


milkdud55 (author)2013-10-09

I cant help but say im 13 and have 7 shoeboxs full of
"The big stuff" and homemade firecrackers.

The survival dude (author)2012-01-11

Where did you get the poppers?? I need things like that for an invention I'm working on (mini RPG-7).

Biggsy (author)2010-12-30

Those party poppers look great! weonly get cheep plastic ones....

However.... I can see this as an AWESOME way to set off a load at once,,, Hmm you've got me thinking now...

If you hear on the news about a crater where a house used to stand in the UK, You know whose house it'll be... know that I went to my grave with a grin on my face, and my life savings spent on party poppers

Glad you posted this... great work

High Five for you

jwolski (author)Biggsy2010-12-30

Thanks Biggsy. :) These are the plastic kind, we can just get a bunch of different sizes of them here in the US. Be sure to post pictures if you make your own version!

Biggsy (author)jwolski2010-12-31

If I survive aye ;)

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