Introduction: Party Popper Trap!

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In this instructable I will show you one of the many ways to freak someone out with a party popper!

Warning: low quality pictures :(

Step 1: Materials

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• scissors or knife
• duck tape
• party popper
• string
• a door

Step 2:

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First, you take the party popper and pull all the streamers out.

You then cut it (as shown). Try to trim the popper as close as you can to the plastic cylinder surrounding the powder roll.

Step 3:

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Take the string and tie a knot in it, near the end.

You then take the popper string and tie the string just above the previous knot, so that when pulled, it will catch on the knot.

Step 4:

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Take a strip of duct tape and lay it across the party popper tube, avoiding contact with the string.

Attatch a strip of duck tape across the end of the string that will be taped to the door.

Step 5:

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Tape the popper to the base board and the string to the door.

Trim off any excess string.

Step 6:

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aand there you go!

Now you have just to wait for your unsuspecting victim..

I apologize again for the poor pictures.


rhys25690811234 (author)2013-04-24

im know for doin stuff like that 2 I came up with something that I gana post now its could party popper pen it should be on in an hour look it up!

nisoe (author)2011-08-07

wont it hurt the door

popcorn4lunch (author)nisoe2011-08-22

it didnt hurt mine

popcorn4lunch (author)2011-03-07

no video either :(

Dr. Pepper (author)popcorn4lunch2011-03-07


popcorn4lunch (author)Dr. Pepper2011-03-08

i didnt have enough patience to wait around for someone to walk in. i would of called someone in, but in my family im known for doing stuff like this. :)

Dr. Pepper (author)popcorn4lunch2011-03-08


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