Step 10: First one done, make them for all your friends and family

Picture of First one done, make them for all your friends and family
That was it - whole project takes about an hour, or two when you do that for a first time.

Don't be afraid of improvising with sizes and colors.

When you're done, make another one for you friend, put them on and go to a party - others will just die of envy.

Hope you enjoyed the process.


Appollo645 years ago
Great idea for making the hats, but step nine isn't really necessary, is it?
Sergey Chernyshev (author)  Appollo645 years ago
Yes, it's not really necessary except that it hides the staple ends and will not tangle your hair and scratch you.
what i found worked really well was stapelling an old beanie and putting that so the edges just come out from the tube part makes it very comfortable and i made my hat a little too big and it also sorted out that problem but thanks for the instructable
Sergey Chernyshev (author)  weaverowns3 years ago
Yeah, that would make edges soft and easy to wear.
Can you post photos?
i havent finished the underside of the brim yet but as soon as i do i will. its so annoying having a big head as ive already gone through 2 packs of cards
here you go its not as neat as yours but oh well and i gave it a trial run through town earlier and got some odd looks but people seemed to like it http://www.instructables.com/id/playing-card-hat-mod/
willabeast5 years ago
YAY I MADE ONE!!!! i did it with the cards facing outwards which looked quite cool :-D I'm wearing it for our housewarming tonight THANKS!!!